CBSE Worksheet for chapter-3 Tissues class 9

Worksheet For class 9

Find CBSE Worksheet for chapter-3 Tissues class 9



BIOLOGY Worksheet - 3

TOPIC: Tissues

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  1. Active divisions take place in the cells of
    1. Xylem
    2. Phloem
    3. Sclerenchyma
    4. Cambium
  2. Grass stem elongates by the activity of
    1. Primary meristem
    2. Secondary meristem
    3. Intercalary meristem
    4. Apical meristem
  3. Collenchyma mainly forms
    1. Hypodermis
    2. Epidermis
    3. Phloem
    4. Inner cortex
  4. State whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
    1. Phloem cells carry manufactured food from leaves to other parts.
    2. Veins of leaves have both xylem and phloem.
    3. The older xylem tissue does not participate in transport.
    4. The sclerenchyma consists of actively dividing cells.
  5. Define the term “tissue”.
  6. How many types of elements together make up the xylem tissue? Name them.
  7. How are simple tissues different from complex tissues in plants?
  8. What are the functions of the stomata?
  9. What is the role of epidermis in plants?
  10. How does the cork act as a protective tissue?


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