ICSE Worksheet for chapter-10 Atmospheric Pollution class 9

Worksheet For class 9

Find ICSE Worksheet for chapter-10 Atmospheric Pollution class 9



Chemistry Worksheet - 10

TOPIC: Atmospheric Pollution

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  • Definition , pollutants in atmosphere and its source
  • Causes of acid rain, composition and formation of acid rain.
  • Impact of acid rain
  • Global warming, green house effect, green house gases, ways of reducing green house gases.
  • Ozone layer : Location, discovery, distribution, formation, depletion, causes of destruction, prevention.


  1. Pure form of water is :
    1. Ground water
    2. Sea water
    3. Underground water
    4. Rain water
  2. Which of the following is the correct group of green house gases ?
    1. CO2, CH4, NO2, CFC
    2. CO2, SO2, O3, CH4
    3. CO2, CH4, NO, CFC
    4. CO, N2O, O3, CFC
  3. Carbon monoxide is hazardous gas, inhaling this gas which of the following is affected ?
    1. Plasma
    2. Cell membrane
    3. Haemoglobin
    4. Plastids
  4. Which of the following pollutants is not harmful to the lungs ?
    1. CO
    2. SO2
    3. CO2
    4. NO2
  5. Non-ionizing radiations with specific biological effects are-
    1. X-rays
    2. Beta rays
    3. Gamma rays
    4. UV radiations
  6. Ultraviolet radiations from sunlight causes a reaction that produces –
    1. Fluorides
    2. Carbon monoxide
    3. Sulphur dioxide
    4. Ozone


  1. What are :
    1. Primary pollutant.
    2. Secondary pollutant.
  2. What are green house gases ? How are they responsible for global warming ?
  3. What is smog ? State its damaging effects ?
  4. Give the composition, cause and impact of acid rain.
  5. Enumerate methods of protecting the ozone layer and preventing its depletion.
  6. ‘Oxides of nitrogen namely nitrous oxide are released into the atmosphere from varied sources ‘. Explain the statement with relevant sources.

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