CBSE Board to Introduce Two Levels of Maths Exam for Class 10

Dec 06, 2022, 16:45 IST

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) introduces two levels of Mathematics examination for Class 10 from the 2021 academic session. 

This decision is solely taken by the Board to reduce the pressure on students who opted particularly Science and Mathematics as their subjects in Class 11 and 12. 

The CBSE Board has declared that there will be two levels of the Maths Exam for Class 10, which will have two papers – Standard Level and Basic Level. 

Here is the detailed information on the 2-level math examination  for class 10th. This article provides information of the two papers,

The weightage of marks

And all the detailed information students might know.

Cbse Board To Introduce Two Levels Of Maths Exam For Class 10

Brief details of standard level and basic level

The CBSE circular indicates that there will be no "two" exams. The two levels will be "Basic Math” and "Standard Math”, with students being able to select either one of the two.

The Standard Level paper will be for students who wish to pursue Science and Mathematics in higher classes.

While the Basic Level paper will be for students who only want to study math as a subject during Class 10. 

Diffrences between standard level and basic maths

  1. Standard Level (for the current level of examination)
  • In Standard level mathematics, the difficulty level is "Easy to Moderate."
  • The Board will not provide an average choice in the question paper; 
  • Nevertheless, students will have any internal alternatives. Which means one needs to attempt every question in every section
  • Each question paper had sets of questions with a total weightage of 80 marks.
  • The majority of the questions were directed towards the previous year's Paper.
  1. Basic Level

In Basic Level mathematics, the difficulty level: Easy.

  • The Basic level of math is significantly more manageable than the Standard level.
  • A basic level of math is a good option for students who want to go with something other than the science stream.
  • Students will have internal choices in each section of the examination paper.
  • 40 questions divided into four sections, to make the overall question paper easy
  • However, the CBSE Board has administered the Mathematics test at several levels for the first time so that students don't face any difficulties.

Some Points to Remember for the Two Levels of Math Exam for Class 10

  • If a student fails the Standard level Mathematics test, they might choose to drop down to the basic level for compartment examinations or remain at the same level. Suppose a student took the Mathematics standard in their 10th Board Examination but still needs to pass and can shift to basic math. However, a student who examines Basic math and fails to pass can take Mathematics Basic in Compartment examination.
  • The Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic syllabus remain unchanged.This means both levels have the same syllabus, however, a different exam pattern. 
  • All schools have continued to use the same program, which relates to presenting Mathematics to all children, allowing them to master the same ideas and achieve the same level of competency.
  • A student can select between the two levels of examination when the affiliated institution submits the List of Candidates to the Board online, which is usually done in October and November.
  • The syllabus for the standard-level and basic-level mathematics papers will be the same. However, the standard math level will have "higher mathematical abilities," which will be more complex and focus on higher-order thinking skills. In contrast, at the basic level, students will become more focused on "lower mathematical abilities," which will be easier.
  • When students fill out the board application, students can switch from standard to basic math.


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is introducing two levels of Maths exam for Class 10 in the next academic session.

While the current system will continue for those who want to take the easier Maths exam, a new, more challenging exam has been introduced for students who wish to pursue Maths in higher classes.

The move aims to give students more choice and flexibility in their studies. It will also help to reduce the workload of students who want to take the more challenging Maths exam.

The CBSE Board has introduced the Two Levels of Maths Exam for Class 10 in the next academic session. 

Learn more about the CBSE Board's two levels of Maths exam for Class 10.

Know more about its benefits and the students who will be eligible to take them, and get all the latest updates, here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the two levels of math in 10th grade?

Ans. The first level will be the same as the current one, while the second level will be more manageable. The first level, or the most challenging level of the test, is known as Mathematics Standard.In contrast, the second level, or the most accessible level of examination, is known as Mathematics Basic.

Q2. Which is better for class 10 math, basic or standard?

Ans. The Basic version is more straightforward. If you wish to study Math in Grades 11 and 12, Then you can take the standard maths. Take Maths Basic if you are confident you will not pursue Math in the future.

Q3. I want to pursue my goal of becoming a doctor. Can I take basic math?

Ans. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three most crucial majors for becoming a doctor. So, the primary concentration is physics, chemistry, and biology. Students don't need mathematics for that, just a fundamental concept of numerical problem solving, which students will learn in 10th grade with Basic math.

Q4. Which books are best for basic math?

Ans. Basic Math questions are easier to answer. Complete, simple and  arithmetic questions can be attempted if a student pays attention to NCERT. Questions in Standard Math need higher-level thinking abilities. Students who choose Basic Mathematics are not entitled to pursue Mathematics in higher courses.

Q5. Can I take Pure Science as a stream in class 11th with basic math?

Ans. No, as per the rules, if the student wishes to pursue the Pure science stream in classes 11th and 12th, he or she must first complete standard mathematics in class 10th; otherwise, he or she will be ineligible for the Pure Science stream; however, he or she must obtain at least 50% in the Pure Science stream in the preceding class. With a basic understanding of mathematics, the candidate will be eligible for additional programmes such as PCB, Commerce, and Arts.

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