10 Best Online Platforms for MBA Entrance Exam 2023 Preparation

Online MBA tutoring is undoubtedly on the rise. It's because most MBA aspirants are preoccupied with their work or their studies and prefer to save time by doing their preparation online. One of the most difficult exams held in India is the CAT entrance exam. With an MBA, it opens the door to a lucrative management profession and allows students admission to the esteemed IIMs and top-tier B-Schools nationwide.

The yearly MBA exam gauges a candidate's aptitude for questions based on English, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, and analytical thinking. Students must prepare using MBA practice examinations,MBA online courses, or question papers due to the extensive MBA syllabus in order to achieve a high percentile.

10 Best Online Platforms for MBA Entrance Exam 2023 Preparation

The top online coaching for the MBA exam in India is sought after by students who are applying for the exam. Many students have the dream of passing the CAT exam. One needs to be passionate and committed to the exam if they want to pass it. ShikshaCoach assists you in finding the Best MBA Online Coaching Institute as a result. You can find the top MBA online tutoring in India in this article. Therefore, read the article to learn more.

List of 10 Top Notch Online Platform for MBA Examination

As it saves a significant amount of time and resources, CAT Online Coaching is an alternative to classroom coaching. If candidates choose online coaching institutions, they can attend virtual classes at their convenience from home. In order to assist students and attempt to address all of their questions regarding prices, courses, faculty, etc., our team has selected the best online coaching for CAT. To learn more information about the Top 10 online platforms for MBA Entrance Exam in India, continue reading below.

  1. Physics Wallah

PW, being India’s most reliable edtech platform, offers various courses to cater the needs of the students. One website supports visitors from a range of educational backgrounds. For every MBA entrance examination, PW provides an extensive learning program helping and guiding all the students towards their future.

It is known as MBAWALLAH and offers specialized courses to help all undergraduates pass the CAT, coaching that is focused for all sections, Top Industry Experts: Live sessions provided by them, 12+ years of average faculty experience, Fast Doubt-Solving, Weekly Tests with Video Solutions, Daily Practice Problems after Every Class, Classes by Faculty with 99.82% in CAT Exam

  1. iQuanta

Indrajeet Singh founded the industry-leading e-learning platform iQuanta in 2017 to provide online coaching for MBA admissions for each part, including DILR, VARC, and QA, as well as numerous other exams. For aspirants at various stages of preparation, its programmes are very adaptable, interesting, and effective. The teaching center is presently regarded as one of India's top online CAT coaching centers.

To combine active and passive learning, they offer both pre-recorded films and live sessions. In addition to classes, they offer mock exams, practice sessions, free counseling, and support to aid students with their questions and to assist them in developing a plan for their ideal MBA school.

  1. Career launcher

IIT-IIM alumni who formed Career Launcher are well-known in the field of competitive exams. It is one website that supports users with various educational backgrounds. With locations all over India, it is one of the biggest coaching institutions there. They offer coaching packages for a variety of competitive exams.

They offer thorough study schedules that help you map out your course of study. They have improved through time and kept up with new techniques. To assist students in successfully passing the CAT exam, they have a good, enthusiastic faculty in place. On their website, they have a wealth of resources that address practically every question or concern a prospective student would have.

  1. QDS Pro

A renowned test preparation business with headquarters in Mumbai, QDS Pro offers unmatched test preparation services for all Indian MBA Entrance Exams, including the CAT, MAH-CET, BBA Entrance Exams, NMAT, SNAP, XAT, CMAT, and others. and all entry examinations for study abroad, including the GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL.

Their extensive range of services spans all of their product lines and includes Live Online Tutoring, Offline Coaching Centers in Mumbai, Video Lectures (Self-Prep Courses), Doubt Solving, Mock Test Programs, and Home Tutoring. Among the characteristics are: Personalized Classes | One-on-One Private Tutoring | Maximum 4-5 Students, AI-Powered, Personalized Tools, Live Chat Available Always, Software that Tracks Student Progress Exclusively

  1. 2IIM

One of India's most thorough CAT coaching centers is 2IIM, a venture of IIT alumni. They only concentrate on Common Admission Test preparation with experts from major business schools. They offer tutoring services through an internet platform.

There are various course options available, including the IPM Test Series, the Comprehensive Course-IPM 2020, the Green Course-IPM 2020, the Comprehensive Course-IPM 2020, the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning CAT 2020, and the Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 2020. This CAT coaching's founders and mentors are alumni of IIMs. The CAT training materials include printed study guides, test series, and evaluation modules.

  1. Mindworkzz

This CAT Preparation portal is run by Arun Sharma, who allegedly passed the CAT exam 18 times with a staggering 99+ percentile.

This website for CAT instruction provides Doubt Classes, live and recorded CAT video sessions, and more. During the live sessions, a student may ask a question immediately to the instructor.

However, Mindworkzz is concerned about rendering problems during live broadcast sessions. The institute is accused of being a total business obsession with lousy business counselors and inadequate lecturers, yet offering online support for pupils.

  1. Cracku

Established in 2014 by IIT-IIM graduates, Cracku is a well-known CAT online coaching institute with offices in Hyderabad. This online resource provides lessons for the CAT test as well as others, including the SBI, RRNB, IBPS, and SSC entrance exams. Additionally, it offers daily tests, free CAT videos, online courses, and test series. By communicating with IIM alumni directly, Cracku also provides mentorship and GD/PI advice.

Their team frequently hosts open to everyone live sessions on YouTube that serve as revision lessons for Quant, GK, LRDI, and DM topics. Students don't need to browse the web for the greatest questions, strategies, and shortcuts because Cracku has top-notch content available.

  1. Time

India's top test preparation center, Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.), was founded in 1992. Today, there are approximately 190 TIME Institute branches spread out across India. TIME has now begun to offer online CAT coaching in India from qualified professors.

It offers instruction for the final stages of the CAT exam, including Group Discussions, Written Ability tests (essays), Test Series, Recorded Lectures, revision cases, and Interviews, in addition to online live classes. Additionally, it provides correspondence and in-person classes. One of the Best CAT Online Coaching in India is TIME. T.I.M.E. has placed more than 2000 students who were admitted to IIMS based on their CAT scores.

  1. IMS

IMS takes pride in being one of India's first coaching institutions for management education. They have been working in education for more than 40 years. Their mission statement is to advise, inspire, and direct students as they pursue their academic goals. IMS has a vast geographic reach with more than 90 centers across India.

For every stage of the learning process, IMS Learning Resources offers a variety of courses, including Start, Focus, and Advanced. Focused programmes are primarily created for candidates who have taken an exam previously and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, in contrast to Start programmes, which are primarily meant for aspirants who have never taken the test and are preparing for it for the first time. Advanced courses are intended for students with exceptional aptitude.

  1. Hitbulleyes

With a significant number of CAT toppers to its credit, HitBullsEye describes itself as India's fastest-growing exam preparation platform in the MBA space.

There are a variety of learning options accessible, including live lectures, video lectures, e-books, a peer interaction forum, a thorough CAT series, and sectional and chapter-based mock exams.

On the other side, students have expressed dissatisfaction with their test preparation resources and the pace at which they are administered. In order to give you a better understanding of the actual question paper, Hitbullseye also administers a test based on CAT question papers from past years.


MBA being the most important examination for the candidates, they need proper guidance and online platforms for MBA examination 2023 preparation. Here we’ve provided a complete list of top notch online platforms to prepare for the MBA Entrance examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I crack the CAT examination without coaching in 6 months?

Ans. Without coaching, it is undoubtedly possible to prepare for the CAT. You merely need to be committed to your studies. If you diligently study, you can easily finish the course material on time.

Q2. Can I pass the CAT in three months?

Ans. Candidates who are concerned about whether or not they can pass the CAT in three months need not worry. With the right preparation plan and concentration, you may pass the CAT in the allotted time and even place among the top performers.

Q3. Can a weak student pass the CAT?

Ans. Remember that passing the CAT exam is not based on your academic performance or background—even though the majority of students who pass the exam have engineering backgrounds. An ordinary student can nevertheless succeed on the CAT exam.

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