CAT Examination- how to prepare with or without coaching

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) administers the Common Admission Test, also known as the CAT, as a computer-based online exam to select candidates for their management programs. It can be difficult to study for a difficult test like the CAT, especially if you work and are unable to attend formal classes.

Once you've decided to pursue an MBA, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is which mode of preparation you'll use. It is also a significant factor influencing your performance in the CAT and other MBA entrance exams. While the CAT is difficult to master, having the right study schedule and guidance can help you achieve success quickly.

CAT Examination- how to prepare with or without coaching

Coaching for CAT Preparation

The CAT preparation process takes time. At least six to nine months before the event, one must begin planning. Candidates who intend to study independently for the CAT need to get started even earlier.

Candidates who enroll in a coaching program are given excellent guidance by mentors and coaches. The coaching center also helps candidates navigate challenging topics and questions while providing them with all the study materials and CAT mock test series. They must, however, attend six to eight hours of class each day.

If you are in any coaching then you should follow some rules to enhance your productivity which is as follows:

  • Strictly follow your coaching modules instead of studying from different sources.
  • Make proper notes in class.
  • Try to do your home assignment on the same day as your class.
  • Learn to Prioritize Correctly.
  • Correct your Studying Pattern.
  • You should learn and revise regularly.
  • Pay attention in coaching classes.
  • Create a study plan.

Can You Prepare for the CAT Without Coaching?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for the CAT without coaching. However, the fees for coaching classes are usually calculated on a larger scale. As a result, choosing coaching can be difficult at times. Furthermore, the classes may not always be flexible in terms of location and timing, making management quite difficult.

How to Study for the CAT Test?

We have shared some tips and techniques for preparing for the CAT without coaching in this section. Candidates typically join coaching with high expectations of success. However, coaching centers do not guarantee 100% success. As a result, here are a few crucial methods that an aspiring candidate can use to prepare for the CAT exam without coaching.

Be Prepared

  • The most important requirement is organization. Because the preparation will be rigorous, candidates must prepare their minds accordingly.
  • If the study material is in order then candidates will automatically cover the entire syllabus in time.
  • Furthermore, candidates should conduct extensive research on the exam pattern, syllabus, and recent changes (if any). This will ensure that the candidates are up-to-date on the syllabus.

Find the Best Study Material

  • Candidates can prepare for the CAT exam without coaching by using a variety of resources, including an online tutorial, books, and mock test papers. However, candidates must understand which materials are best recommended for CAT preparation.

Get a sense of the exam format

  • Candidates to need to be familiar with the subjects that are essential for CAT exam preparation. To organize the CAT syllabus use Topics and subtopics.
  • Consequently, it is essential to be familiar with the entire syllabus. Additionally, understanding the topical weighting of the syllabus will make it easier to determine which portions we should study more. Use the CAT Exam Pattern to learn more about the test.

Take Mock Exams

  • Mock tests are the best way to see if the preparation strategy is working or if you need to prepare more. Candidates are strongly advised to take a mock test now and then to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Candidates must conduct a thorough analysis of the mock test results after giving them.
  • Furthermore, candidates must be aware of their areas of weakness. Try different strategies to improve in that area. Furthermore, by taking mock tests regularly, candidates will gain an understanding of the exam pattern and questions.

Examine sample questions from previous years

  • Follow the previous years' question papers as you learn how to prepare for the CAT without coaching. It improves understanding of the question format and aids in determining the importance and frequency of any topic. This will also improve your comprehension of the CAT exam structure.

Guidelines for CAT Exam Preparation at Home Without Coaching

As you now understand how to prepare for the CAT without coaching, share some advice from the top CAT scorers with us. The top students advise the following shortcuts and pointers for students planning to study independently for the CAT exam The CAT exam is open to applicants from any academic field. Students studying engineering have also achieved high marks in previous years. This means that having the origin of management programs is not required or under any pressure.

Top performers advise that it is critical to analyze both the strong and weak areas

  • Time management is another valuable suggestion. When preparing at home, candidates typically miss this location. On the day of the test, this frequently causes issues. Therefore, top scorers advise taking timed practice tests before the test.
  • On the day of the exam, candidates should spend the first ten minutes carefully reading the question paper, while marking the predetermined responses can help them save time. Candidates can concentrate more on the challenging questions in this manner.
  • Toppers also recommend that the syllabus gets updated regularly. When we switch to a new subject, we frequently forget the previous ones, so review.
  • Moreover, while reading through the topics, make a list of all the minute particulars and crucial points. This will be useful for quick memory. Finally, keep up a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body and mind are very important.
  • We think you now have the solution to your question about "how to prepare for CAT without coaching." Simply apply the strategies and techniques outlined above and maintain consistency as you study for the test. If you don't get the outcomes you were hoping for in the practice exams, don't get discouraged. The key to success is practice, so continue studying for the test.


It is not required to enroll in a coaching program for the CAT. If you are disciplined and consistent towards your target then you can choose self-study but if you want a push or guidance for your preparation then you should choose coaching. Applicants should choose self-study if they are unable to attend daily classes due to any problem.

The most obvious advantage of joining coaching is that having a large network connection of people, students, and mentors from various experience levels will actually give you an advantage over the other competitors on the floor. For the sake of a solid foundation in the exams, you should have a good background and be skilled at time management, which can be achieved through regular tests and mock tests held at these coaching institutes on a regular basis.

You can enroll in coaching institutions if you want a schedule for your studies. This will assist you in studying on a daily basis by attending daily classes, completing DPPs, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. When CAT 2022 will conduct?

Ans. The CAT 2022 exam will get conducted on November 27 in 150 Indian cities. According to the COVID-19 guidelines and security precautions, the CAT exam will get conducted in three sessions at more than 425 exam centers.

Q2. How many months are ideal for CAT exam preparation?

Ans. A minimum of six to nine months must be set aside for CAT exam preparation. It is necessary to study for eight to ten hours every day, at least five days a week. Some candidates, though, might be able to finish the process of preparation faster. Every applicant must begin their CAT preparation based on their aptitude and prior knowledge of the VARC, DILR, and QA topics.

Q3. Can I study for the CAT on my own?

Ans. Yes, you can prepare for the CAT on your own, but it will take a lot of discipline, effort, and commitment from you. The candidates must be ready to commit a significant amount of time to their studies every day, including weekends.

Q4. Is there a negative marking in the CAT for incorrect answers?

Ans. Yes, there is a negative marking of one point for each incorrect attempt in the CAT exam. As a result, candidates must carefully mark their responses on the paper. Non-MCQ questions, on the other hand, do not receive negative markings.

Q5. Do PwD candidates receive additional time in the CAT exam?

Ans. Yes, PwD candidates receive an additional 20 minutes for each section of the CAT exam. To use this service, they must upload a PwD certificate with their CAT application form and bring one copy of the certificate to the exam center.

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