Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During Gate Preparation

Nov 04, 2022, 16:45 IST

One of the most difficult examinations for engineering graduates in India is the GATE full form which is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

It is conducted for postgraduate course admission, including at prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs. Additionally, PSU recruiting makes advantage of GATE results.

By being aware of the mistakes to avoid in the upcoming GATE examination, you can prevent them.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During Gate Preparation

Well, the gate 2023 exam date has revealed we do not want you to be in a pickle on test day, thus Physicswallah has created a list of every error that may be avoided in GATE 2023.

You may achieve high test scores by following this advice on how to perform error-free in gate exam 2023. As they say, the GATE exam 2023 requires both smart study and hard labour.

Mistakes Should be Avoided by Students During Gate Preparation

Delay in starting the preparation

Some GATE aspirants used to put off their GATE Exam preparation if they could because of their college coursework, projects, semesters, and placements. However, Achievers used to begin GATE Exam Coaching as early as the second year.

Arushi and Ram are close friends. Arushi began preparing for the GATE in her second year. Ram holds off on beginning the gate coaching, though.

He delayed starting even in the third year. Ram always responded that he was starting in the last year and was having a practical semester when Arushi questioned him about why he had not begun the gate coaching yet. He joined for gate coaching in his last semester, as Ram previously said. Arushi received an AIR 212 on the GATE exam because of the early start, but Ram did not pass.

What can you draw from this story?

Moreover, keep in mind to finish challenging topics right away rather than putting them off till later. This exquisite moment will never again come around.

You can also check the gate 2023 exam pattern to keep yourself updated on the latest pattern

Skipping important Subjects

Give close attention to every subject. No matter how minor, don't leave out any ideas. The IIT that creates the GATE question paper will be aware of which section(s) candidates often omit.p>

In the past, students would often skip sections since they believed they knew the material very well. Recognize the error when test questions from those subjects appear.

One of the major errors that students make is not putting enough emphasis on general ability and engineering math. It has 30 points. It is like playing 50 overs of cricket and losing concentration for 15 of them.

You must check for subject-wise weightage for the different streams so that you understand what topic you can skip or has less weightage so that you can buy some time during your preparation.

Leaving the Formulae

Another thing I have seen with gate aspirants is that they do not practice the formulas. They understand the concepts, but they do not remember the formulas.

I humbly propose keeping a separate diary for formula writing. Recalling the equations might mean the difference between winning and losing.

Lack of priority

Most engineering students priorities their academic education. As many aspirants as possible who are in their last academic years must persistently devote 4 hours each day to GATE Exam coaching.

They would also delay the gate coaching sessions because of academic commitments. A month or two before the GATE Exam, you will feel stressed and unable to study.

Therefore, attempt to limit your involvement in extracurricular activities and other distractions at least three months before the GATE exam.

Preparing without Guidance

For GATE Exam preparation, many students use engineering courses and FREE Videos. This study takes a lot of time, but it does not prepare students for competitive exams like the GATE, IES, or TNEB AE.

  • Do you need a coach if your goal is to play in the IPL?
  • Do you enroll in a coaching class when you apply for an IES Entrance?
  • Do you sign up for a coaching session to help you prepare for NEET/IIT JEE?


The solution is quite clear. The greatest coaches are required to lead you. Why then do you spend your time choosing conventional textbooks, modest materials, or your research study? You need the greatest advice if you want the best outcomes. Time will be saved, and the outcome is guaranteed.

You can check the best gate coaching in India to enhance your preparation to get a good rank in the gate.

Lack of Revision

The most usual mistake in GATE exam preparation is this one. Even more critical than an appropriate preparation plan is a well-organized revision strategy. Planning your study approach such that there is no time for review is also hazardous.

This is also true of saving revision until the very end.

Regular review sessions must be conducted by practicing questions, looking through notes, or taking test series. With each month of preparation that passes, more time must be set up for review. The time needed for revision should be at least one month.

Most of the students go to class with the idea that by merely attending gate coaching lessons, they will get high ranks. The GATE Exam preparation process involves a lot of revision. Revise often to avoid forgetting anything.

Short remarks should be written by the individual; plagiarism shall not be tolerated. During the final two months leading up to the exam, short notes should be reviewed every day for at least one hour.

Not solving previous papers or mock tests; not analyzing performance

Some candidates could also do mistakes by skipping the mock test, and not solving enough previous year papers or test series.

There are not many theoretical questions in GATE. You need to be focused on numerical. Solve a minimum of 100 sums in each subject. Another mistake committed by GATE candidates is undervaluing previous GATE questions.

One should attempt to answer at least three prior GATE questions. Many applicants disregard these inquiries and continue meticulously completing the practice problems in class. Various notions go along with each gate question.

To succeed in GATE, students must become comfortable with the exam format, which may be done by studying the previous year's questions and taking practice tests.

Additionally, this will enable candidates to evaluate their performance, pinpoint their strengths and flaws, and take appropriate action to enhance it. Check the gate 2023 mock exam and gate previous year's question bank and solve as many numerals as you can to boost your score and push your rank.

Not taking care of health

When preparing for any competitive exam, health comes first. Take nutritious foods and get enough sleep as you study for the GATE Exam. Your body would be weak when it comes time for the gate examination if you study day and night without taking breaks.

You will not be able to review the gate topics if you become unwell just before the exam. To function at its best, the human body must be in sync with its daily schedule.

  • 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day
  • Consume nutritious foods such as eggs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Skip the unhealthy food.
  • Take pauses during your studies to give your eyes a rest.
  • Walk for 15 minutes each day.

Mistakes on the day of the Exam

  • On the day of the GATE exam, remain calm.
  • Check the necessary stuff including identification cards and an admissions card one day before the exam.
  • Sleep well the night before the exam.
  • Arrive at the exam center one hour before the scheduled time.
  • Reach the location one day in advance if the exam location is in another city.
  • Avoid eating heavy food for breakfast on the day of the exam. You will feel sleepy throughout the GATE Exam as a result of it.
  • Avoid discussing any topic or question with friends that can confuse the exam.
  • Avoid studying just before the test. Stress will result from this.

Never set back at the last minute. You should take the GATE Exam even if you lack confidence or have not prepared or completed the syllabus. Just write the paper to get experience. You spent your parents' hard-earned money on GATE tutoring and study materials. Make use of it.

Careless mistakes during the GATE Exam

Most candidates for the GATE commit this common mistake. One of the electrical engineering department's GATE aspirants gave information about his preparation. He said that despite knowing the answer to one question, he accidentally picked the incorrect question and hit the submit button.

Additionally, he discovered that he overlooked a multiplying symbol when calculating the solution when he was reviewing the IIT's answer key. He advised aspiring gate candidates to remain calm and cautious throughout the test.

The following Mistakes must be avoided during the exam-

  • Having misread the question
  • Selecting an incorrect answer
  • Missing the essential information
  • Making calculations mistakes
  • Spending a lot of time on a complex question


A mistake might lose you your ideal college, which is heartbreaking. Every year, more than one lakh candidates compete for each core subject. Here is a list of a few things that I believe applicants should think about since they could be helpful.

"Mistakes are only harmful when you’re not learning from them, else they are just advancing steps towards success." Success is not simple for anyone. Only those who can see, accept, and correct their errors as well as learn from others will succeed. Although reading success stories and drawing inspiration from them is vital, reading failure tales and extracting lessons from them is even more crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1. How do I stop silly mistakes in the GATE?

Ans. Make it a habit to complete the paper in hours: Establish the practise of setting up time for revision before each test.

Q2. How many hours a GATE aspirant should study?

Ans. Experts advise candidates to devote at least 6 to 8 hours every day to their studies if they want to pass the test with high scores.

Q3. Is 4 Months enough for GATE?

Ans. When it comes to preparing for a national level technical competitive exam like GATE, the last four months are extremely important.

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