Competitive Exams for Class 8th Students

Class 8th is a stage where most students do not think about appearing in competitive exams. Many parents and kids need to know if a class 8th can appear in a competitive exam or not. Class 8 is a turning point in a student's academic career as the student begins to enter into higher education and becomes eligible for various olympiads and competitive exams that are discussed in this blog.

Education is undoubtedly the secret to human success, and competition is where it all began. In this article, you will learn about the competitive exams a student of class 8th can appear and prepare for, so keep reading.

Competitive Exams for Class 8th Students

List of competitive exams for class 8th student

  1. (NLSTSE) National Level Science Talent Search:

This exam identifies talented school students. From classes II to XII, the test identifies the students who are good at their studies. What makes these exams special? These exams help students to think rather than rely on simple memory. The NLSTSE offers thorough skill-by-skill feedback that identifies students' strengths and weaknesses. It allows a student to see where he/she stands. NLSTSE registration has been started, the offline exam will be held on 12th and 16th December 2022 and the online exam will be held on 18th December 2022.

  • Conducting body: Unified council 
  • Eligibility: Standard II to standard XII students
  • Exam basis: Simple questions based on physics, biology, math, chemistry, and other subjects are included on the exam paper, along with general questions that demand thought rather than memorization.
  1. SOF- Science Olympiad Foundation:

This nonprofit organization, founded by eminent academics, researchers, and media figures, administers competitive exams to students in grades I through XII. The foundation administers various English, Math, Science, and Computer tests. 

  • Conducting body: Science Olympiad Foundation
  • Eligibility: Classes I to XII students
  • Exam basis: The foundation offers distinct exams in English, Science, Math, and Computer Education.
  1. GeoGenius:

Isn't it odd that so many students can't even identify India on a blank global map? Therefore, GeoGenius has set out on a mission to pique students' interest in geography and raise awareness of it in general. Candidates for these exams must be in classes II through XII. The geography Olympiad, held separately, does not grant entry to the International Geography Olympiad.

  • Conducting body: GEODENIUS is the conducting body.
  • Eligibility: Students from Class II to XII are eligible for these exams.
  1. NIMO or National Interactive Math Olympiad:

This national-level exam is for students in classes V through XII and is designed to help students overcome their fear of arithmetic. It puts their cerebral and mathematical faculties to the test. By integrating interactive events like workshops, seminars, and interactive Olympiads, NIMO promises to make math more enjoyable.

  • Conducting body: Eduheal Foundation, an International NGO, is behind this Olympiad.
  • Eligibility: CBSE/ICSE/ State Boards and NIOS students from class V to XII are eligible for this exam.
  1. Silverzone Olympiads:

An NGO called Silverzone Foundation works to encourage intellectual competition among schoolchildren in India and overseas. It is offered for classes I through XII in various areas and guarantees that students are successful on social and professional fronts. These tests also foster original thought and improve problem-solving abilities.

  • Conducting body: Silverzone Foundation.
  • Eligibility: Students of classes I to XII are eligible for this exam.
  • Exam basis: The exams cover math, science, computers, and the English language.
  1. NBO or National Biotechnology Olympiad:

Students in classes I toXII from all streams are eligible to take this particular test, which consists of 50 questions for 50 marks. In addition to yearly e-newspapers, schools highly value its Biotechno Activity Books & Work Books. It aims to raise awareness among the younger generation and encourage them to learn about biotechnology-related concerns.

  • Conducting body: NBO is conducted by the Eduheal foundation.
  • Eligibility: Students of all streams in classes I to XII are eligible to take this exam.
  1. Asset or Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing:

It rejects the idea of rote learning by using a skill-based assessment test that was scientifically constructed. It evaluates how well pupils have understood the fundamental school curriculum and is intended for students in classes III through X. These tests are based on the state board, the CBSE, the ICSE, and the IGCSE curriculum.

  • Conducting body: ASSET is conducted by Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.
  • Eligibility: Students of classes III to X are eligible for this exam.

As said earlier, apart from all these exams a student can also start preparing for NEE, JEE, and IIT. You don’t need to be in class 11th or 12th to start preparing for these exams. You can make your foundation even stronger by starting early.

All these exams are well-known and enhances a students overall preparation. When a student goes through the process of preparation he/she also learns to handle the competition pressure. These exams also tests if the foundation training of child is right or not.

There are many online and offline courses as well that you can opt for and find the best study material. Considering some of the best courses for class 8th students like Umang 2023 and Umang fastrack course by Physics Wallah which can help you in both your CBSE exams and olympiads, you can take your preparation to another level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do competitive exams benefit a student?

Ans. Competitive exams develop talent that will set students apart from other students and help them boost their self-confidence.

Q2. Are the students of class 8th eligible for competitive exams or olympiads?

Ans. Yes, students of class 8th are eligible for the competitive exams and olympiads mentioned in this blog.

Q3. What questions can be asked from the students of class 8th in a competitive exam?

Ans. The main areas from which questions are asked are basic algebra, number theory, basic reactions taught in class, etc. Nothing fancy is asked.

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