How to Study for IIT JEE in Class 12

May 27, 2023, 16:45 IST

IIT-JEE and its Preparation

IIT JEE Preparation, also known as the Joint Entrance Examination, is an engineering entrance exam conducted in India for admission to undergraduate engineering and architecture programs at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and other top engineering colleges in the country.

The exam is usually conducted in two stages - JEE Main and JEE Advanced.JEE Main is normally conducted twice a year, usually in January and April, and is a computer-based exam. It tests the candidate's knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. JEE Main is also the qualifying exam for JEE Advanced.

In IIT JEE Preparation, JEE Advanced is the second stage of the exam and is normally conducted only once a year. It is similarly considered one of the most challenging engineering entrance exams in the world. Only the top 2.5 lakh candidates who qualify for JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced.

How to Study for IIT JEE Preparation in Class 12?

Aspirants often neglect their study for the 12th Board examinations while focusing on JEE Advanced, it has been found. It is where they make a mistake. For admission to the IITs, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs, which need a minimum grade point average of 75% in Class 12, the Class 12th Board grades are crucial.

But anyone can prepare for JEE Advanced and perform well if they have a good study strategy and good time management abilities. Let's talk about the advice offered by JEE winners on how to study for the IIT-JEE Preparation and your class 12th board examinations simultaneously:

  1. Learn about the latest IIT-JEE pattern for IIT JEE Preparation

You are aware that there are variations between the class 12th board exams and the JEE Advanced test, making simultaneous preparation for both tests difficult. Board exams are objective exams, but the IIT-JEE Preparation is a concept-based test. Pay close attention to both tests to fill the time in between the two.

Increase your problem-solving skills for the JEE Advanced test and your conceptual understanding for the class 12 board examinations. Learn about the most recent IIT-JEE exam format, weighting, number of questions, total marks, sections, and other details for IIT JEE Preparation in Class 12.

  1. Effective Planning for IIT JEE Preparation

Making a preparation strategy before doing anything else is the most important step in IIT-JEE preparation. The secret is efficient time management, which is essential for developing the JEE Advanced temperament. Make a study timetable and stick to it.

Give the IIT-JEE exam and each board topic the same weight. Never push your physical and mental boundaries to the point where you exhaust yourself; you risk losing all of your strength and self-assurance. Take pauses as often as necessary, and unwind your body and mind for a new beginning for IIT JEE Preparation.

  1. Cover the Whole Curriculum for IIT JEE Preparation

Cover the full curriculum because both examinations will have nearly identical questions because you are studying for two exams at once. You cannot skip a single topic since the IIT- JEE Preparation in class 12th demands a certain percentage of marks (75%) on the board examinations to register for the JEE Advanced.

Give the chapters that are more important more time. You may get a general idea of the most crucial themes, chapters, weighting, and other crucial elements for both examinations by taking a glance at the question papers and practice tests from the previous year in IIT JEE Preparation.

To improve your IIT JEE Preparation, check internet resources such as question banks, mentors for JEE Advanced, and videos where you may practice mock exams.

  1. Right Book for IIT-JEE Preparation

In IIT JEE Preparation, Choosing the right books for the JEE Advanced test is the finest choice you can make. The study is just the greatest, most important, and easily understandable book that provides full knowledge. Avoid amassing a large collection of books that come highly recommended to spare your precious time.

Read through the NCERT textbooks' content in-depth before consulting any other reference books. Ensure that the JEE Advanced exam pattern is also used in these publications for IIT JEE Preparation.

  1. Defined Concepts

The secret to success in board and JEE advanced examinations is having a solid comprehension of the subjects. The syllabus for the two tests is comparable in IIT JEE Preparation. As a result, each chapter's fundamental ideas are the same.

Therefore, you will be prepared for the IIT-JEE Preparation exam if you prepare for the fundamental concepts of the class 12th board exam. NCERT textbooks must be thoroughly studied since they are the finest resource for assisting you with conceptual and challenging issues.

Before the final examinations, consult the formulae, reaction processes, derivations, diagrams, and flowcharts you wrote down in a different notebook.

  1. Thoroughly Revise for IIT JEE Preparation

Your chances of getting a better grade on the JEE Advanced exam might be made or broken by a review. Without a full-proof revision, all of your hard work and efforts will be in vain. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you revise after finishing every topic so it will be helpful for IIT JEE Preparation.

Revision helps you keep the material for a longer amount of time and will help you identify your faults, strengths, and limitations in IIT JEE Preparation. As you review and practice the numerical-type questions with mock tests, note the theoretical solutions.

  1. Examine sample IIT-JEE Preparation

It is important to practice past papers to get an understanding of both the class 12th board exam and the IIT-JEE Preparation. To get the most out of them, always practice lots of mock exams.

By analyzing your performance in IIT JEE Preparation, you can determine your areas of weakness. Seek mentor assistance if you are seriously lacking in any subject to help you understand it effectively. Additionally, you must be disciplined in your study habits and avoid distractions as you get ready for two exams one is 12 th and the second is IIT JEE Preparation.

  1. IIT JEE Preparation by Smart Planning is Essential for Successful Studying

The first and most important thing you should do before anything else is to develop a strategy for IIT JEE Preparation. Your time ought to be a resource, not a burden. Plan your day and assign a priority to each subject. Efficient time management can help you prepare psychologically for IIT JEE Preparation.

Create a plan on paper, then tape it to your study table. Although it is advisable to occasionally push yourself to test your limits, never overload yourself exponentially or beyond your capacity. After spending long hours studying for IIT JEE Preparation, take pauses to refresh your head so you can restart later JEE Preparation in class 12.

IIT JEE Preparation: Conclusion

We learned how to study for the IIT JEE Preparation in the blog post above. One of the most important things to remember is that your body and mind cooperate to prepare you for exams; to do well, you must get enough rest, sleep, and eat a healthy diet.

To pass the IIT JEE Preparation exam, you must put in a lot of effort, devotion, and perseverance. Students may get coaching and study materials from a variety of coaching facilities and online resources to assist them get ready for the test.

Always keep in mind that success is the culmination of little efforts made repeatedly every day! Therefore, you must gradually increase your success over time. Avoid becoming sidetracked and maintain your confidence since passing the 12th board test and the IIT JEE Preparation are difficult tasks.

IIT JEE Preparation: FAQs

Q1. How can I begin preparing for the IIT once I finish high school?

Ana. As a result, students must first be admitted to the main test to enroll in an IIT JEE Preparation in class 12 after completing their 12th year. After passing the IIT Mains exam, you must take the IIT JEE Advanced test. The advanced component of the IIT test, which is usually given online, is the most challenging.

Q2. How long should Class 12 students spend studying for the IIT?

Ans. Students who study for seven to six hours a day can still be productive and pass the IIT JEE. To achieve a rank under 1000 in the IIT JEE Preparation in class 12, you only need 10 months if you fully comprehend your material and can quickly pick up new ideas. Top experts suggest getting 6-7 hours of sleep.

Q3. What are the IIT College fees?

Ans. The total cost of the IIT JEE Preparation program for students in the general category is between Rs. 8 and Rs. 10 lakhs. The costs for General category students who want to study BTech at IITs have tripled in the last six years, from Rs 50,000 to Rs 3 lakh.

Q4. What happens if I pass IIT?

Ans. You can pursue a profession in engineering after passing the IIT examinations by IIT JEE Preparation. There are several engineering specialties; you may select one of them based on your interests. Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and engineering are a few of the well-liked engineering disciplines.

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