How to Memorize the Static Terms in NEET Biology

NEET or National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is an India Pre-Medical Test. When you are preparing for the NEET, it is crucial that you remember all the static terms until the exam is conducted. It includes the following three subjects in the paper – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

All these three subjects are essential to crack the exam. But many of you consider biology a simple subject and focus very little on it. As a result, students can only able to remember static terms of biology for a short time. This affects their marks, and their dream of becoming a doctor is shattered. So, to score well in the exam, you should also focus on Biology.

Here, we are sharing some tips and strategies with you. It will help to memorize the static terms of NEET Biology for a long time. And you will be able to crack the NEET exam with good marks.

How to Memorize the Static Terms in NEET Biology

Tips to Memorize the Static Terms in NEET Biology

  • To get more than 690 marks, you must know all the NEET Exam terms, concepts, formulas, diagrams, etc.
  • Below, you can check the suggested strategy to memorize the static terms in NEET Biology.

Learning Through Writing

  • If you learn anything by writing, it can be remembered for a long time. Memorization by writing has always been a powerful weapon.
  • NEET Biology is a subject with many static terms which you cannot recall for a long time by reading.
  • But, if you prepare by writing, you will be able to remember all the terms and methods till the last day of the exam. It will also help you understand the topic better.

Note - You can create NEET Exam Notes. It will help you to understand the topic and revise the syllabus in last days.

Make Charts & Diagrams

  • A chart or diagram visually represents a process, workflow, or decision tree.
  • The purpose of using these is to reduce cognitive load and increase comprehension. It is also useful for brainstorming and clarifying concepts for NEET Biology.
  • If you want to remember any process or topic of NEET Exam in a simple way, then you should make flowcharts and diagrams by understanding them. These are incredible techniques to learn the NEET Biology Static Terms.
  • Flow charts and diagrams allow you to visualize the steps required to complete process. It helps you manage your time during your NEET Exam Preparation.
  • You can also join Physics Wallah NEET Classes. We provides you a visual solutions of all your problems.

Do Practical If Possible

  • It is important that you understand your subject and apply theories and static terms to real-life situations.
  • Practical learning enables you to memorize the NEET Biology Static Terms for a long time. Also, it provides you a deep understanding of your course subject.
  • You can join the Physics Wallah for NEET and start doing practicals with the experts guidance.

Practice Papers

  • A good preparation strategy involves going over previous papers and mock tests, especially if you are talking about NEET Biology.
  • Practice Papers will help you to recall the static terms from time to time so that you can better understand the topics and score well in the exam.
  • NEET Exam Practice Tests are also helpful in increasing your confidence level. You can get a better idea of what kind of questions you might encounter in the actual exam.
  • With the help of these papers, you to identify your weak areas and plan accordingly.
  • If you practice your NEET Papers at least once per week, you will memorize the static terms for biology.


  • Memorizing the NEET Biology static terms and processes requires constant effort and investment of time. When you do not revise them, you might get confused and frustrated in the last few days, and ultimately leading to failure.
  • So, if you want to succeed in NEET 2023, you need to dedicate some time every day to revising your notes.

Group Study

Group study isn’t something new. It has been around since ancient times. The purpose of group study is to improve performance through learning.

A group study is a great way to get the support of other students to complete your syllabus. If you study with other aspirants who are also preparing for NEET Exam, then you get benefitted from the following -

  • You will get feedback on ideas and solutions. It will give you the right direction in exam preparation.
  • You will share knowledge, skills, and resources with each other. It will help you to recall all the covered topics and understand the new topics.
  • You will help each other in your NEET Exam Preparation which will boost your confidence.

Study in the Morning

Studying in the mornings has many advantages.

If you learn the NEET Biology static terms in the morning, then you will memorize them for many years. Experts always suggest to study in the morning because -

  • You will have more energy throughout the day because you've had enough sleep.
  • You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work towards your goals.
  • You will have less stress for exam.

Learn Short Tricks and Methods

There are two main types of Biology included in the NEET Exam

  • General Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences

Both are included a wide variety of topics.

To succeed in this field, you will cover the complete NEET Exam Syllabus. Also, you should recognize all the terms and short methods.

Studying all the short tricks and methods for NEET Biology helps students get good marks in the exam. It will help you to solve all the question paper on time.


We hope, this article will help you to memorize the static terms in NEET Biology. You can share this article with others who are also preparing for the upcoming exam.

Still, if you have queries About the NEET Exam, share with us through the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you remember NEET biology terms?

Ans. To remember all the terms of NEET Biology, it is important to revise all the topics daily. You can make diagrams and charts for all the processes. Also, you can create notes to revise the topics in a short time.

Q2. How do I study NEET biology last minute?

Ans. To study for NEET Biology in the last days of exam, you should check that you have covered all the topics. If you missed anything, then cover it before the exam. You should start solving NEET Previous Papers and mock test papers. It will help you to analyse your exam preparation. This is the best strategy to revise the topics for biology.

Q3. How many hours should I study NEET biology a day?

Ans. If you study 2 hours daily for biology subject, then you can get good marks in the same subject. Other than this, you should give equal time to Physics and Chemistry subjects.

Q4. What is the best time to study biology?

Ans. The best time to prepare for NEET Exam is early in the morning. In the morning, your mind feels fresh & relaxed and you will learn the topics quickly. You can also remember the topics for a long time.

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