Important Terms

Consumer Rights of Class 10

  • Consumer Awareness: Consumer Awareness means the consciousness or awakening among consumers towards their rights and duties.
  • Consumer Exploitation: Consumer exploitation signifies a situation in which the consumer is cheated, misbehaved or harassed by the business community.
  • Adulteration: Mixing up of inferior goods with the costlier superior goods with a view to make profit.
  • Hoarding: Illegal storing of essential commodities by the traders in their godowns with a view to sell them in future at a higher price.
  • National Consumer Commission: A consumer court at national level.
  • State Consumer Commission: A state level consumer court.
  • District Form: It is a consumer court at district level.
  • Consumer Protection Act: Consumer Protection Act, 1986 provides a legal procedure concerning consumer rights.
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): It is an institution for setting up the standard for making and producing various products and enforcing them.
  • Indian Standard Institution (ISI) : It is an institution whose headquarter is located in New Delhi. It lays down the standards for industrial and consumer goods on a scientific basis. It certifies the goods which meet these standards.
  • Standardization: Maintaining quality, grades, size and constituents of the product is called standardization.
  • Agmark: Agmark sign is an assurance of conformity to the specification while producing the commodity. It is meant for agricultural products.
  • Limited Competitions: It signifies a situation when there is only one producer or a group of producers who are in position to control the supply of goods.
  •  A.A.Y. : Antyodaya Anna Yojana.
  •  N.G.Os : Non-Governmental Organisation.
  • F.A.O. : Food and Agricultural Organisation.
  • W.H.O. : World Health Organisation.
  • F.P.S. : Fair Price Shops.
  • D.M.I. : Directorate of Marketing and Inspection.
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