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Getting To Know Plants of Class 6


There are wide varieties of plant around us. We observe so many plants, some are very small, and some are very big. There are different types of leaves and flowers with different shapes, colours and sizes. It is estimated that there are about 2,50,000 types of plants. You must have observed that some plants are flowering and some are non flowering.

Although plants are living things (or living organisms), they grow in the soil and remain fixed at a place through their roots. Plants do not move around like animals do. Plants also do not take food like animals. The plants make their own food by the process of photosynthesis.

Flowering Plants: Most of the plants bear flowers. They are called flowering plants. Rose, Mango, Neem, Bougainvillea.

Non– Flowering Plants: Some of the plants, however, do not bear flowers. They are called non-flowering plants. Example: Ferns, Moss, Algae.

Illustration 1: Name some flowering plants.

Solutions: Rose, Sunflower and Mango

Illustration 2: Name some non flowering plants.

Solutions: Mosses and ferns.

Types of Plants

Herbs- These are plants with green and tender stem. They are generally shorter in height and do not branch much, for example, tomato.


Shrubs- Plants with hard stem which branches near the base (soil surface) are known as shrubs. Their stem is harder than herbs but not as thick as in trees. Also, they are taller than herbs, but much smaller than trees, for example, lemon and rose.


Trees- Plants with tall, hard and thick brown stems are commonly known as trees. Their stems branch much above the ground in the upper parts. For example, mango.


Climbers- some of plants climb up with the help of support. For example, grapevine and gourd.


Creepers- some of plants spread out on the ground are called creepers. For example, pumpkin, water melon.


Illustration 3: What are perennials plants?

Solutions: Some plants live for many years and show the phenomenon of flowering and fruiting throughout the life are called perennials eg. Canna.

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