Mineral And Resources of Class 10

Alloys: These are those metals which are mixed with iron as base.

  • Biogas: Energy produced by using shrubs, form waste, animal and human wastes.
  • Conventional Sources of Energy: Traditional sources of energy like coal, petroleum, natural gas.
  • Minerals: Naturally occurring substances on the earth’s surfaces having a definite chemical composition.
  • Non-conventional sources of energy: Renewable sources of energy which are recently developed like solar, wind tidal, etc.
  • Open cast mining: A method of mining by removing the overlying materials to extract the minerals from shallow depth.
  • Mining: An economic activity which deals with profitable extraction of minerals.
  • Placer deposits: Minerals which occur as alluvial deposits brought down by the rivers such as gold, silver, tin, etc.
  • Rocks: Natural substances which consists of one or more minerals.
  • Shaft mining: A method of mining where vertical and horizontal shafts are made to extract the minerals from deep under the earth.
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