Important Terms

Outcomes Of Democracy of Class 10

  • Elements/Constituents of Democracy: Formal constitution, elections, political parties, constitutional rights.
  • Monarchy: The government ruled by the monarch or king of the country i.e., monarch or king is the head of the country.
  • Dignity: The word denotes privileged position, honourable rank or importance given to any particular post or personality.
  • Outcome of Democracy: Political equality and political justice, social equality and social justice, economic equality and economic justice, dignity to the individual.
  • Measures for Democratic Outcome: Regular free and fair elections, open public debate on major policies, right to information given to the people.
  • Economic Development: It refers to the growth or advancement of the country in the way of providing better facilities and services to the individual.
  • Transparency: Right or means to examine the process of decision making.
  • Accountable: Responsible, answerable and legitimate to the individual/posts and their needs and expectations.
  • Poverty: It is a socio-economic phenomenon which in general terms is the denial of opportunities to lead a long, healthy, creative life and to enjoy a decent standard of living.
  • Inequality: Absence of equal opportunities, equal treatment and equal status at any level, social, economic or political is known as inequality.
  • Civil Liberties: These are privileges or rights thought to be valuable in themselves and important for the functioning of democratic society.


Democracy is better because it:

  • Promotes equality among citizens;
  • Enhances the dignity of the individual;
  • Improves the quality of decision-making;
  • Provides a method to resolve conflicts;
  • Allows room to correct mistakes.

Important Terms

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right adv
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