Who are the People in Parliament

Why Do We Need A Parliament of Class 8

  • The Parliament now has more and more people from different backgrounds. For example, there are more rural members as also members from many regional parties. Groups and peoples that were till now unrepresented are beginning to get elected to the Parliament.

who are the people in parliament

  • There has also been an increase in political participation from the Dalit and backward castes and the minorities.
  • Some seats are reserved in the Parliament for SCs and STs. This has been done so that the MPs elected from these constituencies will be familiar with and can represent ‘Dalit’ and ‘Adivasi’s interests in Parliament.
  • There should be reservation of seats for women. This issue is still being debated. Sixty years ago, only four percent of MPs were women and today it is just above nine percent. This is a small share when you consider the fact that half the population are women.

Why Should People Decide

The decision of the people is important in a democratic country because:

  1. A democratic government is governed by the consent, authorization, and participation of individuals or citizens.
  2. People in a democracy are citizens and an integral part of any democracy.
  3. The people choose a few candidates who will represent their voices in Parliament.
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