Formula For Elevation of Boiling Point

Sep 06, 2022, 16:45 IST

Elevation in Boiling Point : 

The vapour pressure of a solution is lower than that of pure solvent (on adding non-volatile solute). Now, the boiling point (BP) of a liquid is the temperature at which its vapour pressure becomes equal to 760 mm of Hg column (atmospheric pressure). Hence, the BP of a solution will always be higher than that of the pure solvent.

elevation of boiling point

Example For Elevation of Boiling Point

Example 1

Elevation in the boiling point for 1 molal solution of glucose is 2 K. The depression in the freezing point for 2 molal solution of glucose in the same solvent is 2 K. The relation between Kb and Kf is:

A. Kb = 1.5 Kf
B. Kb = 0.5 Kf ­
C. Kb = 2 Kf
D. Kb = Kf ­

Ans. C

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