What is The Full Form of HCL ?

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What is the full form of HCL? The full form of HCL is Hindustan Computers Limited. HCL is a multinational IT company from India. The company is headquartered in Noida. HCL was founded in 1976, as one of India’s original IT startups. He is the founder of modern computing with many creations, including the introduction of 8-bit microprocessor-focused personal computers in 1978. HCL offers services today in a variety of industries, including technology, talent management, and healthcare solutions. It also consists of three companies.

full form of HCL

1.HCL infosystems

2.Innovations and HCL

3.HCL Healthcare.

About HCL and its History 

1.In 1976 the company HCL was founded.

2.The top three companies in the HCL parent group are HCL Technologies, HCL Infosystems, and HCL Healthcare.

3.The organization has tried to stay focused on hardware, but software and services are the main focus through HCL Technologies.

4.HCL’s revenue in 2007 was $ 4.9 billion. In 2017 it amounted to the US $ 6.5 billion and HCL employed more than 105,000 professionals in 31 countries. Revenues for 2018 were $ 9 billion and HCL has hired more than 110,000 experts in 31 countries.

5.In July 2001 a new unit called HCL Enterprise Solutions (India) Limited was formed.

6.HCL Technologies is currently a subsidiary of Vamasundarija Delhi through a chain of intermediary companies. Vamasundari (Delhi) is owned by Shiver Nadar and in turn, has a majority stake in most of the HCL group companies.

7.On July 1, 2019, HCL Technologies selectively acquired several IBM products. In the areas of research and development, sales, delivery, marketing, and support, HCL Technologies has taken full ownership of BigFik, AppScan, Commerce, Connections, Digital Experience, Notes Domino, and Unica.

HCL business lines

Here are the most famous business lines of Hindustan Computers Limited or HCL –

1.IMS: infrastructure management services

2.ERS: engineering and research and development services

3.Service applications and system integrations

4.RCMP services and cybersecurity

5.Business Services or BPO

6.Digital and analytical

7.Dry ice

Interesting facts about HCL

1.HCL operates in the automotive, electronics, energy, aerospace, defense, energy, and many other sectors.

2.When HCL launched its shares in 1999, its price was 4rs, which is approaching 1000rs today.

3.HCL is on the FORBES Global 2000 list.

4.In 2020, the company HCL operated with about ₹ 12,000 crores, and today the value of this company is about 100,000 crores.

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