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What is Full Form?

An abbreviation is a shortened kind of a word or a sentence. It may also refer to the group of letters or words captured from the word or phrase in its entirety.There are numerous words used in the brief form and it is important to understand the full forms of those words. In all fields, such as science, education, computer technology, exam and banking, abbreviations are used. Abbreviations are so well evolved in usage that the entire forms aren't known by many. Abbreviations saves both time and energy, however it's better to understand the full forms to grasp the important knowledge. Let us understand how full form helps in lots of sectors.

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This page consists of detail meaning and use of most commonly full form in education sector, technology sector, examination sector and many more . This page is kept on updating and adding more and more full forms which are to be used by students during their preparation and courses selection. Few full forms are explained because they are used in daily life. 

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