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Mathematic Worksheet - 9

TOPIC: Quadrilateral

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  1. In a parallelogram ABCD diagonals AC and BD intersects at O and AC=12.8, BC =7.6cm, then the measure of OC and OD respectively equal to:
    1. 1.9cm, 6.4 cm
    2. 3.8cm, 3.2cm
    3. 3.8cm, 3.2cm
    4. 6.4cm, 3.8cm.
  2. When the diagonal of the parallelogram are perpendicular to each other then it is called
    1. Square
    2. Rectangle
    3. Rhombus
    4. Parallelogram
  3. In a triangle P,Q and R are the mid points of the sides BC CA and AB respectively. If AC=16cm, BC=20cm and AB=24cm then the perimeter of the quadrilateral ARPQ will be
    1. 60cm
    2. 30cm
    3. 40cm
    4. none
  4. In an isosceles trapezium ABCD if A=45o then ∠C will be
    1. 90
    2. 135
    3. 90
    4. none
  5. In a right angled triangle ABC is a right angled at B.Given AB=9cm,AC=15cm and D,E are the mid points of the sides AB and AC respectively then the area of ΔADE
    1. 67.5 cm2
    2. 13.5cm2
    3. 27cm2
    4. Data insufficient.



  1. Find the measures of all the angles of a parallelogram, if one angle is 24o less than twice the smallest angle.
  2. ABCD is a parallelogram in which ∠DAB=75o ∠DBC=60o Find ∠CDB and ∠ADB
  3. ABCD is Parallelogram in which ∠A=65o Find ∠B, ∠C, ∠D.


Solutions: to worksheet-9 Topic-Quadrilateral


  1. d
  2. c
  3. c
  4. b
  5. c


  1. 68o ,112o ,68o ,112o
  2. 45o and 60o
  3. 115o 65o and 115o


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