Kerala Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

About Kerala Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

Grade 12 exams are the main year for Kerala Higher Secondary Board students, not only because the board exam is taken for the final exam, but most students take vocational courses after that year and many other specific courses for further study. Or decide to complete a topic selection. However, to get there, students must pass their exams for the board of standard 12. Therefore, they need to prepare well for the exam. This is where Kerala last year's question papers for Grade 12 can help. Most students can complete this questionnaire and then gain practice and confidence to pass the board exam.

The student who realizes the importance of school is clear that he will prepare for the next exams as early as possible. For college students, Kerala last year's question papers are a very useful tool. These students feel well prepared and confident as they know the examination method, types of questions, grading scheme, etc.

Benefits of Kerala class 12 Previous year papers

The student can have the following benefits: -

1.In this way, students can learn about various important facts of the exam such as grading scheme, question pattern, and related topics related to the Kerala Class 12 syllabus.

2.After solving the questionnaires, students can know their weaknesses where they are missing in a particular subject.

3.After solving Kerala 12 grade Question Paper, students can learn how to write answers to some difficult questions and how long the answers should be.

4.Students can also estimate the speed of their writing after solving the sample papers.

Why choose Physics Wallah for class 12 last year papers?

When you are preparing for the Kerala Board Class 12 exams, solving the questions of the previous years of the Kerala Board can help speed up your preparation. We understand that it is convenient for students to download all the questionnaires from one page from previous years, instead of visiting multiple websites for each category of questions. For this reason, we have a collection of Kerala Board Class 12 Questionnaires on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. In addition to last year's questionnaires, we are also offering questionnaires for Kerala Board Year 2019. All these questions are based on the PDF of the 12th Kerala Council Program, which we have also made available on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1.What are the preparation tips for the Kerala class 12 exams?

Ans-Make an adequate class 12 schedule so that all the subjects should be covered at least two months before the exam.

1.Focus on studying and avoiding all obstacles like sports, social media, etc.

2.Let teachers or seniors help you choose the best books and clarify all the concepts instead of cramming them.

3.After you have covered all the topics, study with Kerala class 12 questionnaires to analyze the state of readiness.

4.Identify the shortcomings in the preparation by evaluating the performance of solving Kerala class 12 questionnaires from the previous year and then correcting any shortcomings.

5.Solve Kerala last year's question papers to continue practicing with questions.

Q-2.What is the probability of repeating the question in the examination of questionnaires for the last few years?

Ans-These are very few opportunities to review the Kerala Class 12 question papers of previous years. But similar questions are asked in the exam.

Q-3.How useful are last year's Kerala Board Grade 12 papers?

Ans-The 12th paper of the previous year will help the students to determine the weight of the grade given in the individual chapter. Based on this, students can prepare for the exam by preparing an important chapter that has the most weight. Students should use these questions to test themselves and determine if they are fully prepared for the board exam. They need to resolve the questions within the allotted time to conduct their programs during the final examination.

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