Subjective Questions For Law and Social Justice

Law and Social Justice of Class 8

Subjective Questions

  1. Why are laws made to protect the interests of producers and consumers in the market?
  2. Mention the health problems faced by the survivors of Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
  3. Why did Bhopal Gas tragedy occur?
  4. Why does a recent report by Centre for Science and Environment has shown the presence of high levels of toxic substances in the air?
  5. How does the government ensure social justice?
  6. Was Bhopal Gas Tragedy as accident? If not why?
  7. What is the difference between safety systems in industries in India and USA?
  8. Explain with an example that how the safety of workers in industries is disregarded both by the government and by private companies.
  9. Bhopal disaster brought the issue of enviornment to the forefront. Explain how?
  10. What are the advantages to foreign companies in setting up production in India?
  11. Do you think the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy got justice? Discuss.
  12. What do we mean when we speak of law enforcement? Who is responsible for enforcement? Why is enforcement so important?
  13. How can laws ensure that markets work in a manner that is fair? Give two examples to support your answer.
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