Boyles Law Formula

Sep 05, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Boyles Law Formula 

It gives the relation between pressure and volume of a given mass of gas at constant temperature. 

It states that “the volume of a given mass of gas, varies inversely with the pressure, provided the temperature remains constant”. For More Chemistry Formulas check out Main page of Entrancei.


Boyles law

Graph between P and V: 

Boyles law formula

The graph between P and V is a curve known as hyperbola as shown in the figure above

The graphs drawn at constant temperature are known as isotherms. 

boyles law formulas

Graph between P and 1/V: 

Graph between PV and V: Graph between PV and P:

boyles law formulas

Modified Boyle’s law: We can draw a relation between pressure and density of  a given mass of gas at constant temperature as follows:  

We know  PV = K (constant) as per Boyles' law.

equation of boyles law

  ( or )  .

The above equation is called Modified Boyle’s law.

Example of Boyles Law

A ballon is filled with hydrogen at room temperature. It will burst if pressure exceeds 0.2 bar. If at 1 bar pressure the gas occupies 0.27 L Volume; upto what volume can the balloon be expanded?

Example of boyles law

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