Class 8 Maths chapter- comparing-quantities Formula

Math Formulas

  • Amount after n years is given by


  • Compound interest = (amount) - (principal).

If the rates be p%, q% and r% during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years respectively then amount after 3 years


  • If principal = Rs P, rate = R% per annum and time = n years then

(i) Amount after n years (compounded annually)

compounded annually

(ii) Amount after n years (compounded half-yearly)

compounded half-yearly

(iii) Amount after n years (compounded quarterly)


quantities formula

  • To find CP when SP and gain% or loss% are given:

sp and gain formula


Important Formulas of Comparing Quantities Class 8 Maths

  • Cost Price = Selling Price – Profit
  • Cost Price = Selling Price + Loss
  • Selling Price = Cost Price + Profit
  • Selling Price = Cost Price – Loss
  • Profit (P) = Selling Price - Cost Price
  • Loss = Cost Price - Selling Price
  • Profit % = 100
  • Loss % = 100
  • Discount (D) = Marked Price (M.P.) – Selling price (S.P)
  • Discount % = 100
  • Price = Selling Price = Marked Price – Discount

Important Sales Tax Formulas:-

  • Bill Amount = Cost of commodity + Sales tax
  • Value added tax (VAT) = Tax charged – Tax paid.
  • Value added tax = Tax % (Selling Price – Cost Price)

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Ans. Physics Wallah e-learning provides students free Classes and 8 practice questions to learn and score excellently in their examinations.

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Ans. The Class 8 Maths formulas list will significantly help you when you get stuck in questions while practicing the subject or even when writing the exam. The important formulas and attributes will be very much useful for you to go through a revision before the exam. This way, students are not only able to prepare well but score better.

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Class 8 Maths chapter- comparing-quantities Formula

Class 8 Maths chapter- comparing-quantities Formula

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