Class 10 Biology

Class 10 Biology & Multiple Choice Questions

Class 10 Biology is part of 10th science.This study material is prepared by senior teacher of Physics Wallah. We have selected chapters of class 10 science which are part of Biology. All chapters of class 10 Biology are explained in detail with adequate theory, solved questions and MCQ based questions .This study material for class 10 Biology is highly recommended for CBSE , ICSE board exam with foundation for NEET exam.

Class 10 science play very vital role in life of any student, in these classes students foundation is developed. class 10 science syllabus is vast .Study material in 10th Biology are a bit higher side so it is recommended to read the NCERT class 10 science before going through the Physics Wallah content . As per the new pattern of CBSE Board now class 10th board consist of Multiple Choice Questions in class 10 board, we have added Multiple Choice Questions in class 10 biology chapters.

Class 10 Biology Notes

Right Approach for Biology

Here in this article we are going to deal with all those strategies with the help of which a student of class 10 Biology can achieved his or her potential of getting good marks and can qualify NTSC, Olympiad examinations.

  1. Start early and make NCERT text book as your primary text book. Use NCERT solutions prepared by Physics Wallah.
  2. Once you gone through theory of class 10 Biology from Physics Wallah theory section, you are very much aware about the topic which you prepare, now solve MCQ given in exercise.
  3. At least attempt 30 questions per topic, you will get 300 to 400 MCQ based question class 10 biology section of Physics Wallah.
  4. Notes for Biology is compulsory, do prepare your notes .
  5. Solve one, two and three marks-based questions of that topic from NCERT based help books.
  6. Find out the problems and wright down such problem in your Notes book, marked them with red pen with high liner.
  7. Revision of the content is must for student on daily basis Normally Students works hard just before the exam day which is very wrong strategy

Tips to score good marks in class 10 Biology

  1. Prepare the scheduled for one week and try to follow and implement scheduled very strictly.
  2. Divide the scheduled on the daily basis, fix the target on hour basis i.e number of questions should be completed in particular time frame. Or the particular topic should be covered in particular time frame.
  3. At the end of the day find out targets which you achieved. it will give you positive energy to complete the scheduled and to follow your daily targets.
  4. Try to achieve your goal and daily target, every day you are achieving your daily targets, it gives you positive energy to achieve your final goal of getting good marks in your school exams and as well as preparing yourself for competitive exams too.
  5. We know every student have a fear of exam, this is natural phenomenon and this fear reduces the performance of a student in final exam, even the questions which student know very well, that could be attempt wrongly in the examination hall that is all due to exam phobia/ fear. This phobia could be minimise by attempting number of questions from sample paper this would reduce exam tension and prepare the student exam ready.
  6. When you start revision the most important think you required is science formula if all science formula are in one page for a chapter it will help you to revise faster so start making your science formula notes
  7. Do solve all Important Questions for class 10 Science prepared by expert of Physics Wallah.

Importance of class 10 Biology

Biology in general term is the study of life. Students of class 10 generally study Class 10 biology in their science curriculum. The helps the students in enhancing their knowledge regarding the process of how living organism interact with each other and sustain the in the environment. Biology helps humans to understand how complex process of cell and genes are. The Class 10 biology helps the students to get well acquainted with the examination pattern. Although biology is a scoring subject, many of us are unable to score required marks.

Why Are Class 10 biology Important?

The team at Physics Wallah consists of experts with field experience in teaching students. We devise strategies for our Class 10 biology students. We provide yours with systematic notes that help you progress. Since Class 10 biology is very vast and there is large number of things that need to be remembered. So our team has segregated the complete syllabus into various parts. We have come all together help our students score top marks.

The questions in Class 10 biology study material have been useful to solve maximum number of question. These Class 10 biology is very useful for students looking forward to enhancing their career in medical or pharmacy-related fields. We ensure a high level of accuracy in our study material. Our Class 10 biology experts go through the study material bit-by-bit.

At Physics Wallah we follow a stringent ideology of teaching practical based questions. The strong command over the Class 10 biology can help in enhancing their career. It is crucial for the students, as they would be having more clearer concepts.

How to Study Class 10 biology effectively?

Our students at Physics Wallahhave been provided with an expert plan to target the 10th Biology chapter effectively. Since there are bunch of things which needs to be learnt by heart.

We have segregated complete vast syllabus on the basis of chapters for the ease of students. These Class 10 biology study material could also be utilised for revision. The chapter’s content has been bifurcated into most important topics and general reading topics.

The students who had missed some parts while teaching in class can refer our study material. These study material has been devised in such a way that could be useful for regular study as well as fast revision. We make your Class 10 biology learning very easy and interesting. Optimum of all study resource is provided to our students under the guidance of our experts. Since looking for experts teaching can be difficult in terms finances as well as timely.

Why Physics Wallah is best for 10th Biology

We at Physics Wallahbring the study material right from experts to your study room. These Class 10 biology are available completely free. Students can download this study material with a simple click. These Class 10 biology study material can be shared among friends. We make sure you are well acquainted with the best in class material before their exams. We aim to provide success to our students with our Class 10 biology study material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many chapters are in class 10 biology?

Ans. There are 4 chapters in class 10 biology which are mentioned below –

  1. Life Process
  2. Control and Coordination
  3. How do Organisms Reproduce?
  4. Heredity and Evolution

Q2. What are the main topics in biology?

Ans. Simply put, biology involves the study of living organisms, from single-celled organisms to multicellular plants, animals, and humans. Some basic topics of the biology lesson may include cellular structure and functions, natural evolution and selection, heredity and genetics, and ecosystems.

Q3. How do we study the biology of class 10?

Ans. First, understand the concepts; biology is not about just reading but of understanding. Read the NCERT carefully and take your notes. Writing is more beneficial and useful than studying. The point is, writing once what you've learned is like reading the same thing 4-5 times. Understand and practice the diagrams well. Diagrams are the key to get good marks in biology. Revise all of your chapters regularly. Many people mistakenly think that biology as a theoretical subject does not need practical questions, but in my opinion it is.

Q4. How to score good marks in biology class 10 exams?

Ans. Write the answers in a sharp way that makes the concept easy to read and understand. Mark important points and formulas. Memorise a process using flowcharts and mind maps for answering during exams. Diagrams are a very important point of biology. Draw neat and well-labeled diagrams.

Q5. Why NCERT solutions are important for class 10 biology?

Ans. NCERT solutions for Class 10 Science are prepared by our Physics Wallah experts. These solutions help you review the whole chapter and you can increase your knowledge and also it will strengthen your basics in the chapter and may help you score more marks on the exam.

Q6. Why Physics Wallah is best for class 10 biology?

Ans. Physics Wallah team is made up of a team of highly experienced teachers who have prepared special academic resources for class 10 biology. You can get biology notes chapter by chapter of class 10 by adding solved and unsolved examples. Each chapter of the class 10 biology notes consists of one or five exercises with objective questions that have improved your knowledge of the chapters. Our Class 10 solutions will help you excel in the exam prepared by our academic team. You can also consult the important questions for class 10 biology and biology formulas.

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