Interactions with negative effects

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Interactions with negative effects

There are three types of interactions with negative effects

(1) Competition

(2) Predation

(3) Parasitism


Interaction between two species, where both suffer adverse effects, is known as competition. Usually competition occurs when resources, such as space, light and nutrients etc are in short supply. As a result of competition, the growth and seed production of both species is reduced.

Interspecific competition occurs between individuals of two different species occur ring in a habitat.

Intraspecific competition occurs between individuals of the same species.

Generally the intraspecific competition is more intense than interspecific competition.


Interaction between species involving killing and consumption of prey is called predation.

The species which eats the other is called the predator and the one consumed is termed the For example tiger the predator, keeps check on deer population.


The interaction in which the species smaller in size (the parasite) lives in or on the larger species (host) from which it obtains food. All Biology Doubts are explained by academic team of Physics Wallah

Parasitism also involves shelter, in addition to food obtained by a parasite.

Plants like Cuscuta (dodder), Loranthus, Viscum and Rafflesia are parasitic plants, which live on other flowering plants.

The parasites which remain outside the host are called ectoparasites or external parasites (e.g. ticks, mite and lice)

Interactions with negative effects

Interactions with negative effects

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