Is CUET Easy or Complicated? Complete Preparation Guide for Students

The CUET exam, formerly known as CUCET, is one of India's most challenging and popular exams. Due to the high level of participation, each student must study diligently in order to perform well on the exam. Because it is a relatively new examination, students are inquisitive and perplexed by the CUET's level of difficulty.

Now the Central Universities Entrance Test typically has an easy-moderate difficulty level. So, even with a basic understanding of courses like English, logic, and general awareness, it is said that one may easily pass the exam with a high grade.Students must have a plan and an objective in order to do well on the challenging all-India CUET test and to qualify.

Due to the intense rivalry and the rising competition, it is crucial to maintain an advantage over the competitors. When students learned when the CUET 2023 test will be held, they immediately began questioning, "How tough would the examination be? Continue reading to learn more about CUET, how to plan your study time, important subjects to cover, and more.

Is CUET easy or complicated? Complete preparation guide for students

Overview- What is CUET?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the CUET (CUCET) in order to provide admission to 86 universities, of which 43 are central universities, 13 are state universities, 12 are deemed universities, and 18 are private universities. The Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET), which was only offered for admission to 12 Central Universities, was known by that name up until the previous academic year.

The CUET exam has the potential to change the game in the years to come, not just for the students but also for the participating universities.

It is a nationwide exam that is administered by the NTA. Up to 45 central universities, as well as several additional state, private, and deemed institutions of higher learning have declared their involvement, and many more are waiting in the wings to follow suit. 90 institutions have participated in CUET 2022, and it is anticipated that number would rise considerably in CUET 2023.

The Complete Preparation Guide

Prior to beginning your Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) preparation, it is crucial to create a road map that details what material to study when and how much time to devote to each topic. While some of you may have early plans, the majority of you may not be certain of your goals while in school.

As a single entrance test, CUET seeks to provide all aspirants with an equal and fair opportunity to get admission to the best institutions in the nation. Because of this, one of the most often asked questions among students nowadays is, "How to prepare for CUET?"

If you want to get accepted into one of the best central institutions, you need to start preparing as soon as possible! The following are some crucial pointers for Passing the 2023 CUET Exam with high scores. Let's take a quick look at how to be ready for the CUET 2023 so you can pass without having those restless nights and ace it!

  1. Know the syllabus thoroughly

The next phase in CUET preparation is to develop a grasp and comprehension of the CUET curriculum. This will assist you in reducing the amount of material you need to cover, checking for priority, and learning the grades given to any particular material.

The first and most important goal of CUET preparation is to completely understand the CUET syllabus. If you are not completely familiar with the syllabus. you may not know what to study and what not to study. Hence, candidates should become familiar with the structure and format of the test before beginning with their studies.

If they want to do well on the CUET test, candidates must read through the syllabus in its entirety. Candidates must plan their strategies on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. A candidate can better prepare for the entrance test by knowing which topics to explore in-depth and others only require a passing familiarity with in order to qualify for the exam. The following guidelines can be followed by the candidate-

  • Make a subject-by-subject list of subjects.
  • Depending on your own experience, divide the themes and topics into simple and challenging categories.
  • Make a note of the subjects that will be given the most weightage (based on test questions from the previous year)
  1. Prepare a timetable

Candidates must plan out which topics to cover when, which ones should be given top priority, and how much material to cover daily, weekly, and monthly.While creating a timetable, aspirants are recommended to make a daily schedule and to pay particular attention to finishing the CUET syllabus. To improve preparation, review the curriculum and subject matter, and attempt as many CUET practice exams as possible. A candidate might have a good notion of what to expect from the entrance exam through this.

If you organize your scheduling well, it may produce excellent outcomes. But for most people, creating a study plan is one of the most difficult chores. Here are a few important points that you should keep in mind while setting up a time table for CUET.

  • There should be time in your daily agenda for CUET exam preparation.
  • You may first allot 1-2 hours for the CUET exam and the remaining time for the board examinations.
  • You can use the most of your time for the NTA CUET test once the board examinations are completed.
  1. Solving question papers and mock exams

Candidates taking the CUET 2023 exam are urged to solve the previous five years' question papers to better understand the CUET test style and CUET question types that will be asked in the entrance exam. Candidates can learn which subjects are given the most weightage and topics that might raise their exam performance by studying the past year questions.

Answering CUET practice questions, sample papers, and CUET mock examinations is the greatest approach for a candidate to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Through this, applicants may also determine the best strategy to use when attempting the actual CUET question paper. Solving sample papers can assist candidates in preparing, from developing time management strategies to comprehending the style of the test.

  1. Revision

It is not advised to choose a brand-new fresh CUET study topic at the last minute. The final few days are intended primarily for revision, to help you review and retain the knowledge that you have previously learnt. Revision is crucial for getting a decent grade. Without a strategy, one is said to be "working hard, but without a plan."

The most significant piece of advice for those getting ready for CUET 2023 is to go through all the crucial material in a methodical fashion. Here are some advice from the professionals :

  • Determine every subject on which you must concentrate.
  • Create a comprehensive plan to address such issues.
  • Review the sections of the material you find most challenging.
  • Mock papers are then an option for you. This will assist you with time management.
  • Look over the question paper from the previous year to identify the key subjects and questions.
  • Try to comprehend the paper's design.
  • Continue studying the subjects you are good at right up until the exam.

Revision is extremely crucial to succeed in the CUET Exam Preparation. Before the exam, candidates must extensively examine each topic at least three to four times. The exam is undoubtedly stressful for the applicant. Candidates' confidence and their stress levels are both increased by practicing the same subject repeatedly.


  • The CUET exam's level of difficulty is regarded as moderate for an average student. One should expect their exam to be highly challenging if they don't adequately prepare or review the courses and themes. The student's level of preparation for the exam and how much review he or she has done are the deciding factors.
  • The CUET exam is not difficult. The reason is because the NTA is conducting the CUET for the first time to offer admission to India's Top Central Universities. A moderate degree of difficulty is present. If you wish to perform well on the CUET 2023 and enroll in a reputable university, here's some advice.
  • Ace the first 12 CUET subjects, those subjects that involve completing the CUET application. Make a schedule of the remaining days for the CUET exam. Read the NCERT books, then make your own notes, underlining the key aspects and review your daily study material. Pay attention to the crucial ncert textbook subjects. Put all of your work into getting ready for the exam.
  • Hence, the CUET exam is a pretty easy test, provided you work hard for it and give it your all. No exam is complicated if you work towards it. Hence, prepare for the exam with a clear and healthy mind and we assure you that you will find the CUET exam easy! All the best and we hope to see you succeed with flying colors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is CUET easier than boards?

Ans. Many students have judged CUET to be easier than boards. But again, the level of difficulty comes down to the intensity of the preparation done by the students.

Q2. Can an average student crack the CUET?

Ans. Yes, if a student is willing to study diligently and consistently in the remaining time, they can crack the CUET 2023.

Q3. What is the pass mark for CUET 2023?

Ans. A student must score between 300 and 400 points to be eligible for CUET; nevertheless, if you want to be admitted to a certain university, check out the CUET eligibility requirements and aim for them; There are specifications for each participating university.

Q4. How many CUET attempts are allowed?

Ans. Depending on the subjects that the applicants choose, there will be two slots on separate days for the CUET 2023 test. Candidates may take up to four tests in Slot 1, which will be administered during the morning shift.

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