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Introduction of Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry of Class 12

Animal husbandry is the science of rearing, improvement & caring of domesticated animals. Animals are used as ‘beasts of burden’ and for milk, meat, leather, fur etc. and also for game and amusement hence these are domesticated. Dog was the first to be domesticated, used for hunting and later for tracing criminals, drug peddlers, prowlers, to lead the blinds and to draw sledges of the Eskimoes (Thick coated dogs called Huskies are used for this purpose), it symbolizes topmost companion of man Using wild dogs, wolf and jackal, wonderful varieties of dogs have been produced.

Dogs & Cats are the closest pet but useful only for control of rats.

Major domestic animals are categorised as : Livestock, Poultry, Fishery and Insects of economic importance.D

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