Causes of Extinction of Wild Life

conservation of plant and animal of Class 8

Destruction of habitats: This can be due to:

  • Environmental pollution.
  • Deforestation cause a decrease in reproductive power and loss of habitat.
  • Soil erosion
  • Agricultural expansion
  • Overgrazing
  • Increasing urbanization
  • Forest fires due to human activities
  • Developmental works.

Indiscriminate hunting: For various animal products as musk, tusk, fur etc., for entertainment etc.




Extinction of Dodo bird due to hunting for its beautiful feathers.

  • Introduction of exotic species: This causes threat to native species. e.g. Water hyacinth has become dominant species in pools and ponds.
  • Lack of education: Due to this many rural people are not aware of importance of wild life.


  • Natural extinction: Due to change in environment.
  • Mass extinction: This occurs due to catastrophes.
  • Extinction due to human interference: This is also called as anthropogenic extinction.



Tropical forests are losing 14000 - 40000 species per year and this is estimated that at the end of 21st century near about 50% species may become extinct.


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