How To Read A Thermometer

Heat and Temperature of Class 7

Method to use Read a thermometer

  • Note the temperature difference indicated between the two bigger marks.
  • Look at the Celsius scale on the thermometer.
  • Note the total number of small divisions between these two marks.

Suppose the temperature indicated on two bigger marks is 360C and 370C, then their difference is 10C. If there are 5 divisions in between the two, then using unitary method, each small division measures

1/5 = 0.20C

read thermometer

Using a clinical Thermometer
  • Wash the thermometer preferably with an antiseptic solution.
  • Hold it firmly and give it a few jerks. Make sure that the level of mercury, which is the shining thread falls below 350C.
  • Place the bulb of the thermometer under your tongue.

After one minute, take it out and note the reading (the level where the shining thread of mercury has reached). This is your body temperature.

Precautions to be observed while reading a clinical thermometer

  • Thermometer should be washed before and after use, preferably with an antiseptic solution.
  • Ensure that before use, the mercury level is below 350C.
  • Read the thermometer keeping the level of mercury along the line of sight.
  • Handle the thermometer with care. If it hits against some hard object, it can break.
  • Don’t hold the thermometer by the bulb while reading it.

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