Excretory System of Frog

Anatomy of Earthworm,Cockroach & Frog of Class 11

Excretory System

  • A pair of flat, red coloured elongated kidney present in the posterior part of body cavity on either side of vertebral column. Kidneys are mesonephric.
  • A delicate white coloured ureter arise from the outer margin of kidneys, run backward to open into cloaca. Urinary bladder is bilobed and thin-walled sac, for temporary storage of urine.
  • In male frog, ureters also act as vas deferens, therefore, called urinogenital duct.
  • Kidney consist of thousands of nephron and each nephron consist of 2 parts – malpighian body and uriniferous tubule.
  • Malpighian body consist of a double-layered, thin-walled, cup-like structure called Bowman’s capsule and a network of blood capillaries called glomerulus.

Excretory System of Frog

  Fig. Urinogenital system of male frog (ventral view)

  • Uriniferous tubule forms the lower part of Bowman’s capsule and opens into collecting tubule. All collecting tubules combine to open into the ureter.
  • Filtration occurs in the malpighian body and the filtrate passes down into the body of uriniferous tubule where much water, glucose and other useful blood salts are reabsorbed. Frog is ureotelic.

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