Subjective Questions For Water and the People of Chennai

Water and the People of Chennai of Class 8

Subjective Questions

  1. What is private industry? Give one example.
  2. What alternative methods are used by the middle class to meet the water shortages?
  3. What are the major sources of water in rural areas?
  4. How much water should be supplied to per person in an urban area in India?
  5. According to the official figures of 2001 how much per cent of the households in India have access to drinking water and sanitation?
  6. What is Sulabh?
  7. Why did the residents of Mylapore spend up to Rs. 500 - Rs.600 per month on buying water from the tankers?
  8. The Constitution of India recognises the right to water as being a part of the Right to Life underArticle 21. What does this mean?
  9. Private companies do not take interest in undertaking the work projects of public interest. Why?
  10. Is the water distributed according to the standard set by the Urban Water Commission in India?
  11. Why is it argued that the task of water supply should be handed over to private companies?
  12. Mention the public facilities which are also provided by the private companies. Are they provided at affordable rate?
  13. Do you think water in Chennai is available and affordable by all? Discuss.
  14. How is the sale of water by farmers to water dealers in Chennai affecting the local people? Do you think local people can object to such exploitation of ground water? Can the government do anything in this regard?
  15. Why are most of the private hospitals and private schools located in major cities and not in towns or rural areas?
  16. Do you think the distribution of public facilities in our country is adequate and fair? Give an example of your own to explain.
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