Important Questions For Class 12 Maths

Chapter wiseImportant Questions For Class 12 Maths

With the constant increase in competition, students are deliberately making efforts to attain success in examinations. Considering class 12th is the stepping stones in further academic life. The team at Physics Wallah has come up with Important Questions For Class 12 Maths to make students conceptual bases robust. Having crystal clear basics are predominant aspects for scoring top marks in examinations. Do solve NCERT textbook with the use of NCERT Solutions for class 12 Maths.

Find Below chapter wise Important questions of class 12 maths


Students looking forward to nurturing their maths preparation should diligently follow all the questions. Since maths is a highly conceptual subject, so it requires diligent practice. The team at Physics Wallah comprises of experts with years of experience.

Why notes for class 12th are important?

The questions in Important Questions For Class 12 Maths have been curatively chosen from last 20 years question papers. Students can also find a streamlined strategy to attain full marks in examinations.

Students who are not so good at maths should thoroughly follow Important Questions For Class 12 Maths prepared by our team. These questions are selected in such a manner that they can solve all the questions by themselves and enhancing their concepts. Since the syllabus of class 12th maths is quite exhaustive. During examinations, it becomes quite difficult for students to revise each and every topic. To curb this aspect, the team has provided all the important which can be utilised in.This leads to enhancement of confidence among the students. All the important questions have been marked bifurcated in the basis of chapters. The complete set of Important Questions For Class 12 Maths has been made available for students. We have dedicated experts to assists student progress. These questions are not only important with respect to class 12th examination but also other national level competitive exams.

How to Study notes of class 12th maths effectively?

The consistent efforts in bringing out the best set of important questions are thoroughly followed each year. The Important Questions For Class 12 Maths brought on by Physics Wallah has been the preference of toppers. The complete set of questions has been involved in Pdf format. The short and concise nature of these question set has been the preference amongst all the students. These question can be effectively solved after completing a chapter.

Adhering to these questions will not only enhance your confidence but also lay a strong foundation of concepts. In general, maths is an easy subject to score percentage, but some study faces a certain level of difficulty. The experts at Physics Wallah are well acquainted with the prominent difficulties students generally face.Solve as many as Maths Questions as you can.

Why Entrance is best for notes?

The complete set of questions has been provided for free to download. A single click can get your expert-created important questions. These questions are like a boon to many students. Since over it has been observed the number of questions asked directly matched with important questions provided by Physics Wallah .

The very holistic ideology was kept in mind while preparing these questions sets. This ensures that students are acquainted well in advance the type of question asked. Our experts are round the clock available for providing necessary assistance to students.

Maths need additional practice with the proper use of concepts .to become expert in class 12 maths one needed to have very clear concepts and understand the application of concept .Important Questions For Class 12 Maths will help you to score more in class 12 maths.It required good content and questions levels.Start with NCERT books and read the additional theory of Physics Wallah.NCERT text book for class 12 maths  is most acceptable maths text book among all students because of its content and the questions level are very good.To help you out while solving questions of maths academic team had uploaded huge number of questions staring from easy level to moderate than difficult.Start practicing questions from Physics Wallah and read the theory.

The right approach to score good marks in class 12 maths

Board exams plays a very important mile stone of your academic journey to score good percentage in class 12th board exam the first requirement and necessary for all student is to have very clear about the theory part and its application. class 12 maths marks not only help you to score better in maths subjects but also help you to have good percentage in class 12th board final exam.Right strategies of maths and good notes for class 12 maths can help you to get good score in class 12th board.One must be wondering what the right strategies is ?Answering to this question one must follow the following steps to score good marks in class 12th maths.

  1. Always start with the good understanding of class 12th maths syllabus.
  2. Try to read previous two-year paper analysis those papers try to find the pattern and important area of chapter of class 12 maths make a note of such questions.
  3. NCERT is the most important book , so complete entire class 12 NCERT text book theory as well as questions.
  4. Make a sheet of each and every chapter of class 12 maths on which write all important formulas of that chapter.
  5. NCERT solutions for class 12 maths will be highly helpful for you to have good practice.Read NCERT solutions carefully.
  6. Important questions for class 12 maths prepared by Physics Wallah academic team must be done 2 to 3 times and try to solve all questions given in this part.

How important questions of class 12 maths can help you to score full marks

All of you know from 2020 the pattern of CBSE is change a lot . now there is 80 marks paper and 20 marks is school dependents.Read the chapters according to weightage such as Relations and Functions (8) ,Algebra (10), Calculus(35), Vectors and Three - Dimensional Geometry(14), Linear Programming(05), Probability(08).While analysis of previous year paper we have found there is fixed number of questions which are repeating in every paper but that is not certain so be careful . academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chapter wise important questions for your reference.All questions are selected carefully from all chapters and we have prepared all types of questions which start from one mark to 5 marks.This time objective type questions are included in CBSE class 12th maths papers so we have added all possible pattern of questions in the important questions of class 12 maths.


Q1. How important questions are useful for class 12 maths?

Ans. Important Questions for Grade 12 Mathematics gives you a step-by-step strategy to prepare for your exam. As we all know, 12th class CBSE is one of the important career milestones and therefore the grades obtained for 12th class are responsible for university admission. By solving these important questions, students have a good idea of what to expect during the exam.

Q2. What are the benefits of important questions?

Ans. You will experience multiple benefits by practicing important questions for Grade 12 Mathematics. With the help of these sample paper sets, you can easily improve your exam preparation. In this way, you can also improve on subjects that you are weak in like algebra, probability, trigonometry or geometry, etc. The best benefit you can get from it is that you can improve your time management skills.

Q3. What are the important questions?

Ans. The important questions are particular those questions that come up in the exams and boost your exam performance. Key questions for class 12 maths with solutions are very useful for the CBSE exam.

Q4. What are the topics of class 12 maths?

Ans. The topics covered in class 12 Maths are

Relation and Function

1. Inverse Trigonometric functions

2. Matrices 

3. Determinants

4. Continuity and Differentiability

5. Applications of Derivatives

6. Integrals

7. Applications of the Integrals

8. Differential Equations

9. Vectors

10. Three Dimensional Geometry

11. Linear Programming

12. Probability

Q5. Why are important questions for class 12 maths relevant?

Ans. Important questions are designed according to the CBSE board's agenda. All concepts are discussed there. Students can first consider them during their preparation time. Also, weak students can only rely on it because it covers a maximum part of the syllabus and math is a scoring subject, with important questions you can make it both safer and easier.

Q6. Why choose Physics Wallah for class 12 maths important questions?

Ans. At Physics Wallah, you can take advantage of important questions created by an Physics Wallah team of math professionals who have done extensive research before delivering the final results. These were used by previous students who also took good marks in the final result. In short, Grade 12 students can have complete confidence in these important questions without worrying about anything and you can also refer it to your friends. The procedure for downloading these important questions is very simple as it is available as a PDF and can be downloaded anytime anywhere on your Android phones, laptops, desktops, etc.

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