ICSE Worksheet for chapter-2 Cell : The Fundamental Unit of Life class 9

Worksheet For class 9

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Q1. Centrioles are associated with

  1. DNA synthesis
  2. Reproduction
  3. Cell Division
  4. Respiration

Q2. Cell wall of plant is chiefly composed of

  1. Hemicellulose
  2. Cellulose
  3. Phospholipids
  4. Proteins

Q3. Chromatin consists of

  1. RNA
  2. DNA
  3. RNA and histone protein
  4. DNA and histone protein

Q4. State whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F):

  1. The protoplasm is the part of the cell which surrounds the nucleus.
  2. Genes are located in chromosomes.
  3. Anthocyanins are the pigments of flowers, which are dissolved in cell sap.

Q5. What are the main functions of each of the following cell components?

  1. Plasma membrane
  2. Chromosomes
  3. Lysosomes
  4. Ribosomes

Q6. Which organelle is known as the powerhouse of the cell? Why?

Q7. Why plasma membrane is called a selectively permeable membrane?

Q8. Name two semi-autonomous organelles.

Q9. What are the different types of endoplasmic reticulum? Write the functions of each.

Q10. Give the difference between leucoplasts and chromoplasts.

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