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Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- Redox Reactions

Chemistry Formulas

Class 11 chapter- Redox Reactions

  • The chemical reaction which contain oxidation as well as reductuib half reaction is called redox reaction.
  • An atom or ion or molecule which undergoes reduction (gain of electrons) is called oxidant (while an atom or molecule) which undergoes oxidation) (loss of electrons) is called reductant.
  • Oxygen shows positive oxidation states (+1 and  2) only in OF2 and O2F2.
  • Maximum oxidation state of an element never more than its group number.
  1. Oxidation state of Mn in KMnO4 is +7.
  2. Oxidation state of Cr in K2Cr2O7 is +6.
  3. Oxidation sate of Cr in CrO5 is +6.
  4. Oxidation state of ‘N’ in N3H is –1/3.
  5. Oxidation state of ‘N’ in NH4NO3(NH4+ and NO3) are –3 and +5.
  6. Oxidation state of ‘Fe’ in FeSO4 is +2.
  7. Oxidation state of ‘Fe’ in Fe3O4 is +8/3.
  • In xMnO4 + yH2O + zI→2MnO4- +8OH-+3l2

x = 2, y = 4, z = 6

  • CH4 + 2O2 →CO2 + 2H2O is an example for chemical combustion.
  • In all combustion reactions oxygen undergoes reduction (0 to –2).
  • In decomposition reaction chemical compound split into two or more simpler substances.


  • In decomposition of MgCO3, no changes in oxidation numbers. So it is not a redox reaction

[MgCO3 →MgO + CO2]

  • Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq) →ZnSO4(aq) + Cu(s) is a displacement reaction.
  • In disproportionation reaction the same element undergoes both oxidation and reduction simultaneously.
  • When Br2 and I2 dissolve in CCl4 solvent to give reddish brown and purple colours respectively. So, they are detected by extracting into CCl4. This is also called “Layer Test”.
  • Comproportion is a reverse of disproportionation reaction. Ag2+(aq)+Ag(s)→2Ag+(s) is a comproportionation reaction.

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Download free pdf sheet which consist of formulas and important points of Redox Reactions from the link given below . 

Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- Redox Reactions

Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- Redox Reactions

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