Math Formulas

Are you looking for Maths formulas for all classes? if yes than you are in right page academic team of Physics Wallah and its proficient teachers uploaded Maths formulas pdf for class 7 to 12 .We have prepared separate sheet for each class and for each class we have uploaded one or two pages of maths formula in each chapter. Which is highly helpful for the revision of entire chapter.

Academic team of Physics Wallah with senior teachers of different school and coaching develop following Math formulas for students who are in between class 7 to 12th .We have uploaded Maths formula for each class for all chapters. These formulas are useful for your school exam, Entrance Exam, Olympiads, NTSE and RMO. You can download the pdf of Math formulas for your class.Solve questions from NCERT text Book with the help of PhysicsWallah NCERT Solutions.

Maths Formula for Class 8

Maths Formula for Class 9

Maths Formula for Class 10

Maths Formula for Class 11

Maths Formula for Class 7

Use of Math Formulas 

  1. Do your calculations faster with maths formulas.
  2. Solving questions are always easy if you know the maths formulas.
  3. Application in maths numerical are easy.
  4. Enhance your score in maths subject with maths formula.
  5. With Physics Wallah maths formula pdf you can revise all maths formula at a time which help in many Entrance Exam.

Apart from the above-mentioned points Math formulas will always be helpful in many areas of subjects and can be applied in several topics, these formulas are useful in all most entrance exams just after class 10 or 12. Maths is one of the important subjects of student’s life. The team at Physics Wallah is dedicatedly involved in developing the most advanced Maths formulas list. Command over the Maths formulas can offer an extra cutting edge to the students in their exams.

Math Formulas

The Maths formulas are useful in covering the syllabus effectively. The students can plan their study effectively with this study material. Students can score effective marks with this study material. Since the syllabus is very large it is very crucial to study each and every aspect. With this Maths formulas list, students can complete their syllabus with a time span.

Why Maths formulas are important?

Since mathematics is one such subject that needs a lot amount of formulae, so this study material helps the students to memorize them effectively. We have provided a time-syllabus dependent strategy which helps students to progress accordingly. Since the time the most lacked for students preparing for their examinations, we have made efforts in our Maths formulas list to minimize it. An appropriate study of Maths formulas helps the students to gauge their strength and weaknesses. The strengths can be overall maintained where-as weaknesses could be minimized with optimum efforts. Do follow Maths Symbols.

Students looking forward to preparing for their preparation in competitive examinations can use Maths formulas. We have provided extra coverage to typical Maths formulas requiring extra effort with detailed explanations. Since remembering formulas can be tricky to a certain extent, it is believed that preparing with the right study material can be useful.

We have devised certain strategies that could be helpful in preparing the students. The faculty preparing the study material are subject experts, with years of experience. Students looking forward to preparing for the examination can go through our website. The Maths formulas list we have provided is free of cost and can be accessed by students. The study material can be shared among friends.

How to Study Maths formulas effectively?

Since the Maths formulas list is prepared in Pdf format it can be accessed on multiple devices. The team at Physics Wallah has curated the most important Maths formulas list of students. The faculties at Physics Wallah are highly qualified professor’s experts from prominent IITs.The Maths formulas list has been divided into various segments. All the study material is devised adhering to the latest syllabus only. Since we truly believe in equal education to all the students, we have provided complete study material for free.This material could be accessed free of cost. Since the time has arrived where finding the appropriate teachers is a difficult task.

Why Physics Wallah is best for formulas?

We have compiled all the important Maths formulas list from the subject experts. This study material could be accessed by just making an account on our website. This Maths formulas list provides students with hands-on experience to practice more and more sums. This type of study material is crucial for faster completion of the syllabus.The rapid revision could be initiated with our Maths formulas list. Students effectively prepare for their board examination as well as national exams.This study material acts as pre-hand assistance to tackle mathematics effectively. Our experts have provided top-notch study material which can be to clear all the Mathematics Doubts.

How Maths formulas Helps you in your final Revision

Maths is subject of application of concepts and formulas every numerical you are going to solve use a maths formula . Speed and accuracy of solving maths questions also depends on how fast you apply concepts in the numerical and how fast you conclude what is asked in the questions for all these you need good memories of all maths formulas used in that chapter.

It is observed that because of multiple concepts and & formulas time students forget concept or formulas because of which he or she did a mistake, and each error brings them down by -1 marks.So what should you do to avoid such error? answering to this questions revision of all important maths formulas for all class students is must . Chapter wise maths formulas are highly helpful for your final revision of the chapter. We highly recommend NCERT text books for maths and use as a reference NCERT Solutions prepared by Physics Wallah.

Best approach to use formulas

Maths formula are helpful for all class students, students must have interest in maths subjects and in general all students love to solve math questions if he understand the concepts . One must start maths from the best textbook in which the theory part is well explained with the solved questions .Do read the theory at first and try to build your own approach write down the important rules and theory which are important .After developing clear concept now it’s time to learn the application of theory.

Maths formula act as a bridge between your theory and its application once you have completed the theory read the maths formula from the pdf of Physics Wallah.Write down all important maths formula in your note book refer NCERT. Once you know all formula now it’s time to apply these maths formula in questions.

Start solving from the solved questions of your text book and try to understand the application of concept during the numerical solving time make your own solutions which different form the solution is given in your text book , check the application of concept and maths formula. Solve as many as Maths Questions as you can.

Physics Wallah Maths formula Benefits

  1. Physics Wallah Maths formula pdf Handbook will help you to score good marks in your school as well as entrance exam .
  2. These maths formula pdf will help you to revise entire maths of your syllabus in just few hours and empower you to retain all formula during your exam time.
  3. Physics Wallah maths formula is highly useful for the students who are preparing for entrance exam like NTSE, JEE Olympiad& RMO.
  4. These maths formula pdf are extremely helpful for quick revision of the entire chapter.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Who can use Physics Wallah Maths Formulas?

Ans. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared Maths formulas for students who are in classes 6 to 12. We have uploaded chapter wise formulas sheet for effective revision and can be freely downloaded from Physics Wallah.

Q2. How to use Maths formula sheet?

Ans. The best way to use a formula sheet is to start the chapter from your textbook and read the theory given in the text book try to build conceptual clarity in the chapter with the help of solved examples. Once you understand the chapter very well before going to solve the exercise given in the text book try to revise all Maths formulas given in the sheet. This will help you to remember the formulas which are used in the questions.

Q3. Are these Maths formulas are free to use?

Ans. Yes Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chapter-wise Maths formulas for class 7 to 12 and is available free to download alone with Maths questions which is posted separately chapter-wise.

Q4. Are these Maths formulas are helpful for competitive entrance exam?

Ans. Yes, all the chapter-wise sheet of formulas is prepared in such a way that it consists of all-important formulas asked in board school or competitive entrance exam like Olympiad , CBSE, NTSE, JEE and JEE advance. Students are recommended to check out your text book try to prepare your own notes of derivation and application of formulas build your conceptual clarity on the chapter try to resolve the examples which give you more clarity on the concepts. Maths formulas sheet must be use for reference not to be mugged up.

Q5. What do you mean by Maths formulas?

Ans. The formula may be a fact or rule written with Maths symbols. It usually connects two or more with an equal sign. Once you know the value of one quantity, you can use the formula to find the value of the other.

Q6. Is it necessary to know how does a Maths formula work?

Ans. Indeed, it is necessary to understand and solve equations either when you want to work as a mathematician or in another field that uses Maths, or when you want to become a Maths teacher or a teacher in an area that uses Maths.

Q7. What are the uses of the Maths formulas?

Ans. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in a student's life. Mastering the Maths formulas can give students an extra edge on their exams. The Maths formulas are useful to cover the curriculum effectively. With this learning material, students can plan their studies effectively and achieve effective grades. Since the curriculum is very large, it is very important to study every aspect. This mathematical formula allows students to complete their curriculum at a specified time.

  1. Make your calculations faster with Maths formulas.
  2. Solving questions is always easy if we know the formulas.
  3. Applications in Maths numbers are simple.
  4. Improve your Maths score with Maths formulas.

Q8. Why Maths formulas are important?

Ans. Mathematics is one such subject that requires a lot of formulas. An Appropriate study of mathematical formulas will help students assess their strengths and weaknesses. Students who want to prepare for competitive exams can use Maths formulas. Memorizing formulas can be difficult to some extent. It is believed that preparation with the right study materials can be helpful.

Q9. How to remember Maths formulas?

Ans. To remember Maths formulas use the following tips.

  1. Use and write formulas first when solving related questions.
  2. Call up formulas regularly and visualize them.
  3. Learn memory and apply creative memory links to memorize long-term formulas.
  4. Take a test with formulas in 2 to 3 weeks and write down all formulas.
  5. Make it more interesting and with the help of a like-minded friend, play a game by asking for formulas at random. The winner can throw a party.
  6. Understand the logic behind the formula and learn how the formula is derived.

Q10. Why Physics Wallah is best for Maths formulas?

Ans. We have compiled the full list of key Maths formulas from the subject matter experts. This study material can be assessed simply by creating an account on our website. This list of Maths formulas provides students with hands-on experience to practice more and more sums.

This type of study material is critical to completing the curriculum faster. The quick check could start with our list of Maths formulas. Students prepare effectively for their board exams and national exams. This learning material serves as a preliminary aid to tackle Mathematics effectively. Our experts have top quality study materials that can dispel doubts.

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