Physics Doubts

Physics is one parts of Science and you must know science can’t be read just like text as we do with other subjects of literature. Physics Doubts are most common think you will face in your preparations.Science it is sub divided into three parts namely Physics, chemistry and biology. One must think what is the objective to read physics as a subject ? What are the answers which we can get from subject physics ?

Several questions comes in mind related to physics as a subject. To answer all these questions, we can say physics is a subject which helps you to understand the concepts and basic principle of universe,laws of universe and everything in. Isn’t it interesting you can find all your answers, doubts related to our universe, matter and the most interesting part is you will get the answer of relation between matter and energy which are fundamental of ever think. You will study physical and natural phenomena around us.

Classification of Physics Doubts

Physics as a subject is divided into six broad branches so you can have physics doubts mostly from these chapter of part six division or parts of physics are discussed below. So far, we understood physics is one part of science now let’s discuss parts of physics. As you move to higher physics parts of physics increase broadly physics as a subject is divided into six main parts which includes Mechanics ,Geometrical optics ,Electricity and magnetism,Thermodynamics, Modern Physics and wave.

  1. Mechanics - Mechanics is backbone of physics wonderful part of physics full of concepts and its application in numerical it deals with several subtopics like motions under the influence of forces, aspects of linear,circular and oscillatory motions.
  2. Optics - If you are preparing for entrance exam optics is very important and need practice too it deals with Geometrical Optics, refraction and reflection.
  3. Electricity and magnetism - This part of physic mainly explains and study of electric fields and magnetic fields.
  4. Thermodynamics - This part explains the flow of application of energy in different work functions,type of work,laws of thermodynamic help you to understand nature.
  5. Modern Physics - Understand the structure of atom,how it works how energy is associated with atom , nuclear physics help you to understand more about the structure of atom.
  6. Waves - How wave propagate what are the properties of wave and types of wave.

Physics Doubt

Right Approach for Physics

Physics is all about the application of concepts in numerical solving numerical is must to score good marks in class 12 board as well as entrance exam .To have good concept clarity one must have very clear strategies for physics.The following tips are useful for good foundations of physics.

  1. Always start with the first topics of physics don’t jump to next topics if you don’t have confidence in first topics.
  2. Revise carefully maths sections which are required to solve the questions of physics.Do remember the formula use in calculus and other basic maths if required revise the previous year physics chapter.
  3. Always make a habit of making notes for physics and note down all physics doubts in separate note book ,focusing of physics doubts and asking your physics doubts with teacher or friends increase your concept.
  4. Never miss your physics class always prepare for your physics class and ask all your questions and doubts of physics to your class teachers and friends , this way you will develop your concept slowly and it enhanced your learning.
  5. Try to find out maximum physics doubts from the reference book this way you will read many contents and learn concepts of general physics.
  6. Mechanics is the back bone of physics, and it required application of Physics Formulas in numerical so need good questions and practice.

How to solve Numerical of Physics

There are large number of students who face problem while solving questions of physics specifically.When it comes to physics numerical students face numerous physics doubts during their preparations.You must be wondering what the best way is to develop physics numerical? So, to answer this questions always start with theory part of the chapter read the theory from your text book if you are in class 11 or class 12 you must read the ncert text book.

Once you develop concept in the chapter try to solve the questions given in NCERT text book you can take help form NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics or NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics.

Few additional reference books can help you a lot one of them is HC Verma Vol-1 and Vol 2 try to solve the questions or numerical of HC Verma and take help from Physics Wallah HC Verma solutions. While solving the questions from these books you will certainly develop a good understanding of the numerical.

How to clear Physics doubts

Subjects like physics is full of concept so there are good number of doubts arises during your preparation and its a very common and good way to generate interest. The questions is how to solve physics doubts ? so at first lets us classifies the most common area of physics doubts such as physics doubts while solving numerical,conceptual physics doubts,unable to find the logic behind the concept,having very basic physics doubts.

There are large number of physics doubts which can be addressed easily for example if you have physics doubts in numerical such doubts can easily handle by the detail solution of numerical you can find all text book solutions in Physics Wallah.

Conceptual doubts can be solved through in depth theoretically explanation of topics for such physics doubts you can read Physics Wallah physics doubt sections and read the theory explain the concept with the solved example. You also send us your doubts through mail. Students can also get the Physics Questions and Answers from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why physics is important in our daily life?

Ans. Physics involves deeply into our daily life and describes the movement, forces, and energy of ordinary experiences. Physics is at work in actions such as walking, driving, or telephoning. For everyday life, all the technologies you take for granted use the rules of physics.

Q2. Why do we study physics?

Ans. Physics helps us organise the universe. It covers the fundamentals and helps us see the connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. Physics gives us powerful tools to help us express our creativity, see the world in a new light, and then change it.

Q3. How to pass the physics exam?

Ans. During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and provide pictures or graphic illustrations if possible. 

  1. Scan the paper before responding.
  2. Be specific and to the point in very short questions.

Q4. How to score good marks in physics?

Ans. To get good grades in physics, start with reading the chapters carefully, and try to take effective notes. Never miss physics class, listen carefully to all the points the teacher has said in class. Try to understand the concepts of the chapters through examples and notes from solved textbooks. Communicate with your teachers, if you have a problem immediately ask your teacher and try to solve the practice questions from the NCERT textbook to build a solid foundation.

Q5. Is physics NCERT book good for study?

Ans. NCERT is the most valuable and important book not only for class exams but also for different competitive exams like JEE (Mains and Advanced), NEET, AIIMS, etc.

Q6. What are the important topics in physics?

Ans. Few Important topics of physics are

  • Electronic Charges
  • Current Electricity Ohm’s Law
  • Magnetism and Matter
  • Force and Law of Motion Etc.

Q7. How to clear Physics doubts ?

Ans. While preparing for physics for any class physics doubts are most common. Physics doubts arise in two parts one is conceptual physics doubts and second is numerical physics doubts. Conceptual physics doubts are addressed in this section of Physics Wallah. For numerical physics doubt you can check out ask your doubt of Physics Wallah .  

Q8. Do we need to solve MCQ for physics ?

Ans. Yes solving MCQ in physics questions will help you to identify your weaker area of subject or concepts. To help you out academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded several MCQ based questions chapter wise in the form of Quiz.

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