How to Crack IBPS SO in Just Four Months

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) holds the IBPS SO exam to recruit candidates for specialist officer posts such as IT Officer, HR Officer, Law Officer, Agricultural Officer, Marketing Officer, and Rajbhasha Adhikari. The bank requires a specialist officer to keep up with technological advancements and ensure the bank's smooth operation. It is critical to focus on the exam to pass the IBPS SO exam. Students must design a well-thought-out preparation approach to ace the exam properly.

IBPS SO preparation necessitates extensive planning, a sound strategy, and endurance. We have provided a complete IBPS SO preparation in this article that will undoubtedly assist candidates in achieving their professional objectives.

Any exam preparation begins with understanding the exam pattern so that you can tailor your learning to the requirements of the exam. The IBPS SO Exam is of three stages: preliminary, mains, and interview. These separate tests determine passage from one phase to the next, and a candidate must pass all three stages to get selected for the post of specialized officer in one of the public sector banks.

How to Crack IBPS SO in Just Four Months

IBPS SO Preliminary Exam Pattern

For the position of Rajsabha Adhikari & Law Officer

Serial No Section No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
1. Reasoning 50 50 40 minutes
2. English Language 50 25 40 minutes

General Awareness with Special

Reference to Banking Industry

50 50 40 minutes
  Total 150 125  

Other Specialist Officers (Agriculture Field Officer, Marketing Officer (Scale I), Human Resources/Personnel Officer, Information Technology Officer Scale I)

Serial No Section No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
1. Reasoning 50 50 40 minutes
2. English Language 50 25 40 minutes
3. Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 40 minutes
  Total 150 125  

Where should I study from?

Purchase one book and then practice. It is important to limit yourself to one book because reading too many books can lead to confusion. Take one practice exam per day, review your findings, and write a list of your strengths and weaknesses.

IBPS SO Study Guides for IT Officer (Scale-I)

Book Name Publication/ Author
Data Communications and Networking Behrouz. A Forouzan
Objective Computer Knowledge R Pillai

A computer for Competitive Exams:

Fundamental of Computer with MCQ’s

RPH Editorial Board

Books for the IBPS SO agricultural field officer exam (Scale-I)

Book Name Publication/ Author

IBPS – SO Agricultural Field

Officer (Main) Exam

Dr. Lalita Gaur
Agriculture Field Officer R.Gupta
Science Textbooks: Classes VI-IX NCERT
Agriculture Field Officer IBPS

New Vishal’s

Editorial Board

IBPS SO Study Guides for the Marketing Officer (Scale-I)

Book Name Publication/ Author

CWE-IBPS Bank-Marketing Specialist

Officer Exam: Complete Book

Priyanka Prakashan
Principles of Marketing Kavita Sharma
Marketing Specialist Exam book Upkar Prakashan

IBPS SO Study Guides for Law Officer (Scale-I)

Book Name Publication/ Author

IBPS Specialist Officer CWE LAW Officer

Online Exam Practice Work Book

Kiran Prakashan

IBPS SO Study Guides for Human Resources and Personnel Officer (Scale-I)

Book Name Publication/ Author

CWE-IBPS Bank-HR Specialist/

Personal Officer Complete Book

Priyanka Prakashan
Human Resource Management K Aswathappa
Bank HR Specialist book Kiran Prakashan

IBPS SO Study Guides for Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale-I)

Book Name Publication/ Author
Rajbhasha Adhikari Guide R.Gupta
Hindi Vyakaran Prakashan Upkar

Rajbhasha/Hindi (Officers, Assistant, Managers)

Recruitment Exam Guide (Popular Master Guide)

RPH Editorial Board

A Proven Technique for Passing the IBPS SO Exam in Four Months

It's time to start your preparation now that you have a clear understanding of what the IBPS SO exam entails. Here are some wise strategies to help you make the most of your available time and pass the IBPS SO exam on your first try:

Your best option is self-education

  • There is no reason why you cannot study for and pass the IBPS SO Exam despite its moderate difficulty level without receiving formal coaching. Self-study may be more effective for these exams because it allows you to approach the material and the final exam from a fresh, individual perspective rather than conforming to the coaching centers' preconceived notions.

Make a study schedule

  • When you are studying alone for the exam, the importance of having a detailed study plan and schedule becomes even more obvious. Mark the topics you plan to cover each day on your schedule and allot time each day to each subject from the preliminary and main examinations.
  • This will support you in establishing and achieving realistic goals. Make sure to thoroughly research each subject so that there are no later discrepancies or questions. To understand various topics, it is also essential to place them in the proper order.

Study authentic books

  • There are countless books available today that help students study for competitive exams like the IBPS SO exam. But books by lesser-known authors and publishing houses are frequently rife with false information that can hurt your exam preparation. Therefore, always buy authorized exam preparation books from a trustworthy source.

Look into online tutorials.

  • Preparing for the IBPS SO exam on your own does not mean you will not have doubts or problems that require the assistance of an expert. Online tutorials can be useful at this point. However, you must choose one after careful consideration, preferably based on the recommendations of others who have used these tutorials, and stick to it. Every teacher has a method of problem-solving, and jumping from one tutorial to the next will only make you more confused.

Take your exam backward.

  • Attempting the exam backward will allow you to perform better because the chances of answering these simpler questions are higher when you approach them with a fresh mind. Your success will also give you the confidence to deal with the more difficult ones with poise. So, if a section has 50 questions, begin attempting them from 30 to 50 and then return to 1.

Leave out the questions you don't understand.

  • Despite your best efforts, it is unlikely that you will know the answer to every question on the exam. Always keep in mind the time constraints and skip well-prepared appears too difficult, unfamiliar, or tricky. You can go over these again if you have time after you've answered all of the questions you're certain about.

IBPS SO revision tips

  • Solving past-year problems is the smartest strategy to prepare for IBPS PO, as it will give you a comprehensive grasp of the exam pattern.
  • To obtain a strong grip on English, start reading newspapers, magazines, and books. You can also start watching English movies and TV shows to learn new words every day.
  • Make your response techniques for the final exam stronger by solving as many mock exams as you can. Choose trusted platforms like Eduwhere that not only provide the tests but also the complete performance analysis data to help you identify your problems and work on them.
  • Learn basic computer words and terminologies to obtain a good grasp of computer knowledge part.
  • Follow a systematic approach to revising the syllabus before the final test. Don't pick topics arbitrarily, as it will simply compound your confusion.
  • Choose the proper study material to make the most of your time. Make sure you purchase only the best books and stay away from various study possibilities. Even when you select online learning material, choose the best platforms and stick to them.
  • Solve part-wise online practice exams to understand how well-prepared you are for each section.
  • Don’t start any new topic in the last 45 days since it would impose an unneeded strain on you; rather, revisit the vital themes.
  • If you are not attending any coaching sessions for the exam preparation, use some helpful mobile applications to get your doubts clarified by the experts.
  • To improve your performance, you can try a backward strategy in which you start answering questions from the end. It will also raise your confidence and spare you time for difficult questions.

Last-Minute Tips for IBPS SO Preparation

  • Solving last year's IBPS SO exam papers is surely difficult. While time management ideas for IBPS SO 2021 aid in designing the study schedule, execution necessitates extra effort. Physics Wallah recommends that you consider these factors when executing your IBPS SO preparation plan.
  • Do not deviate from the time assigned to a single subject. The IBPS-SO preparation schedule should be strictly adhered to.
  • Remember the theories that are frequently questioned in the Quantitative Aptitude section.
  • Spend serious time preparing the various areas of the IBPS SO curriculum.
  • Don't limit yourself to just one topic. To avoid mental blocks, your self-created timetable should include changes.
  • Instead of reading something new, go over the IBPS SO syllabus again.
  • During IBPS SO preparation, instead of practicing orally, you should use a written format.
  • Set a timer for each question and gradually practice reducing the timer.
  • If you become stuck on a particular difficulty, distract your attention by studying other topics or reviewing previously read topics, and then return to the problem.


Cracking the IBPS PO test does not require years and years of preparation. One can clear the exam with four months of preparation if one follows the appropriate plan and approach. You need to work hard to crack the exam. Consistency is vital for preparation, and applicants should study regularly for the exam.

Complete the syllabus and learn the principles and ideas in the first two months of preparation. In the next two months, commit time to learn fast ways of completing lengthy questions and practicing section-wise themes from a preparatory book. Begin taking section-by-section and full-length mock tests in the last two months. In the last 15 days before the exam, focus more on the revision of ideas and topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is it a good idea to take the SO exam backward?

Ans. You will have a better chance of succeeding if you attempt the exam backward because your chances of success are higher when you approach these easier questions with a fresh perspective.

Q.2. Which books should I read before the IBPS SO exam?

Ans. Candidates will find a list of needed books for each subject in the preceding article. However, for IBPS SO preparation, study Kotler (the author) diligently (mains).

Q.3. How many questions must I answer on the IBPS SO?

Ans. You must answer 120 questions for the prelims and 60 questions for the mains. Each question is worth one point. However, there is a 0.25 penalty for incorrect or unattempted responses.

Q.4. How many mock tests may I take to pass the IBPS SO exam?

Ans. There is no time limit for taking practice examinations to prepare for the IBPS SO. The more a candidate practices, the better his or her chances are of passing the IBPS SO entrance exam.

Q.5. Should I keep studying for the IBPS SO?

Ans. The best approach to preparing for the IBPS SO exam is to practice diligently with short pauses. Taking pauses and exercising recharge the mind and body, allowing the person to return to their studies with renewed vitality. Also, don't slack off during IBPS SO preparation. To revitalize your exhausted mind, read newspapers and puzzles.

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