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Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- S-Block Elements

Chemistry Formulas

Class 11 chapter- S-Block Elements

  • Oxides of Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs dissolve in water to give strong alkalies. So tehse elements are known as alkali metals.
  • Among alkali metal Fr is a liquid radioactive element.
  • The lightest alkali metal is lithium.
  • Except Lithium, all other alkali metals are stored in kerosene.
  • The lowest I.P. value element among alkali metal is Cs.
  • The alkali metals used in photo electric cells are Cs and K.
  • The common oxidation state of alkali metals is +1.
  • The density of K is less than Na due to the presence of vacant 3d orbitals and greater inter atomic distance in the crystal lattice.
  • Alkali metals are highly reactive. The reactivity increases from Li to Cs.
  • The super oxide ion contains unpaired electron, so alkali metal super oxides are paramagnetic.
  • Alkali metal oxides react with water giving their hydroxides. The solubility in water increases from LiOH to CsOH.
  • Alakali metals react with H2 to give hydrides. These hydrides are ionic in nature.
  • Thermal stability of the hydrides decreases with increase in ionic nature.

Preparation of sodium hydroxide

  1. Causticizing process
  2. Electrolytic process

sodium hydroxide

Nelson Cell process

  1. Electrylyte : Brine solution (aq. NaCl)
  2. Cathode : Perforate U-shaped iron tank lined inside with asbestos
  3. Anode : Graphite rod
  4. At cathode :

cathode reaction

  • At anode : 2Cl →Cl2 + 2e

Castner-Kellner process:

  • In outer compartment – Electrolyte – Brine Solution
  • Anode-Graphite Cathode – Hg
  • Middle compartment – Electrolyte – dilute NaOH
  • Anode – Hg Cathode – Iron rods

Reaction with metals :

reaction with metal

Reaction with non-metals 

reaction with nonmetal

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Download free pdf sheet which consist of formulas and important points of S-Block Elements from the link given below . 

Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- S-Block Elements

Chemistry formula for class 11 chapter- S-Block Elements

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