Class 10 Geography

Class 10 Geography Notes

Essentially, just as it is vital to know the multiplication tables for solving math problems, alphabet for writing a sentence, in the same way it is also obligatory to study geography. A student needs to study the subject so that he/she comes to know about the environment of various places, encountering the size of the population, wildlife and natural vegetation. Students need to take class 10 Geography quite seriously because the subject gives them a clear understanding of different places. Also, they will have good learning about the region, country, continent, community and much more.

Class 10 Geography Notes

Some tricks and tips for Geography exam

  1. A student needs to be sharp, he/she needs to read the questions cautiously.
  2. Simply, make short notes for class 10 Geography while should cover each syllabus.
  3. Solving previous years papers will add credit to your marks.
  4. Right environment needs to be created for studying.
  5. It is mandatory to keep your last few minutes for revising your answer sheet.
  6. Read the question paper in your first 5 minutes.
  7. Make diagram wherever required.
  8. You need to attempt those questions first which you know rightly.
  9. Attempt all the questions from the paper and do not leave out any question from the paper.
  10. Try to co-relate the things from your real life so that you can remember the subject materials.
  11. While giving long answer type questions, you need to draw a skeleton of the answer in the margin.
  12. Do solve all questions given in the exercise of NCERT text book with the help of NCERT Solutions for class 10 Social Science.

Class 10 Geography syllabus contains

  1. Agriculture
  2. Forest and Wildlife Resources
  3. Earth and places
  4. Minerals and Energy Resources
  5. Water Resources
  6. Life Lines of National Economy, etc

Note: Giving the Geography exam is a little bit difficult for the student. The subject requires strong memorization skills. Cities and Maps and cities can be difficult to visualize. In this case, you need to take the guidance of teachers.

Let’s have a glance on tips for preparing 10th Geography

  1. A student needs to focus on chapters like human activities and transport, Resource and development, communication & trade.
  2. Researching for any topic as much as possible will help you to find more about the culture, people, environment, landscape, climate, economy .
  3. Flashcards would be very beneficial for you to remember the theory part and maps.
  4. Practical knowledge of Geography will help you to keep hold of things in the student mind. In case a student is learning about geography, he/she try to know geography practically.
  5. You should always try to write the definitions in your own words without changing the meaning.
  6. Study your class 10 Geography textbooks properly.
  7. Students should solve the sample papers of previous year as much as possible.
  8. Solving unsolved and miscellaneous questions would be beneficial for the students.

Note: If students are looking to do extremely well in class 10 Geography board examination and want to avail an ideal score, then they should practice previous year sample papers in the right manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can Class 10 Geography notes help you?

Ans. Class 10 geography notes are an important tool in preparing for exams. Physics Wallah team prepared notes with the help of previous year question papers, for most students, it is easy to score points in geography, from 70 to 80%. To help them better prepare for the exam, we have provided NCERT class 10 geography solutions.

Q2. How many chapters are in Class 10 Geography?

Ans. There are a total of 7 chapters in class 10 geography, here we mentioned below –

  1. Resources and Development
  2. Forest and Wildlife Resources
  3. Water Resources
  4. Agriculture
  5. Minerals and Energy Resources
  6. Manufacturing Industries
  7. Lifelines of National Economy

Q3. How should I prepare for Class 10 Geography exams?

Ans. Class 10 is an important platform for future education, for a good future, you need to lay a solid foundation. You need a better study plan for this –

  1. Complete your time successfully, for this you must manage the time for your studies.
  2. You need to set your daily goal to finish your program on time and this will give you enough time for review.
  3. Practice makes a man perfect, so try to practice 5-10 questions daily and gain speed.
  4. Refers to your textbooks, most of the exam questions come from the NCERT manual, so study your manual carefully.

Q4. How Physics Wallah help you?

Ans. Our goal at Physics Wallah is to provide each student with the opportunity to perform optimally and score well. Here we have created class 10 NCERT textbook notes that can be used by students for review. We have created a class 10 PDF for all topics that you can easily download from the Physics Wallah website. These notes help you clear any doubts and improve your preparation for the exam.

Q5. Why NCERT Solutions are important for class 10 geography?

Ans. NCERT solutions for class 10 geography are prepared by our Physics Wallah experts. These solutions will help you revise the whole chapter and you will be able to increase your knowledge and this will also strengthen your basics in the chapter and help you to score more points in the exam.

Q6. When to study Class 10 Geography revision notes?

Ans. When you take notes for class 10 geography, you usually write down all the points and concepts covered in the chapters where you can view and memorize them. We recommend that you consult these revision notes -

  • Before solving the sample papers.
  • At some point, when you got stuck.
  • Before and after a test and exam.
  • We think these review notes will help you solve the problems that class 10 students may face.

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