Maths revision notes class 8

Revision Notes for Class 8 Maths

Strengthening of maths in crucial for ones further career in terms of engineering or a professional course. To many students, maths could not turn very seamless, so here we at Physics wallah to bring maximum benefits to students. The sole idea behind bringing this solutions is to make them more and more accessible.

Mathematics is a subject which requires interest and practices to score good marks in school and other entrance exam. Maths revision notes for class 8 help you to build a solid foundation of subject maths. Class 8 maths required lot of practices. When you are in class 8 always refer the recommend book from school and try to solve all questions given in the school book.

Class 8 Maths Notes

Do solve NCERT test book with the help of NCERT Solutions for class 8 Maths. But are these questions are sufficient? Well the answer is if you wants to score good marks in school exam than yes, but if you wants a solid foundation in class 8 maths than the answer is no because to have good concept in class 8 maths you required additional resource for class 8 maths. The theory and questions of Maths revision Notes For Class 8 can help you in this.

The best way to build class 8 Maths Concepts

To become a master is class 8 Maths you required two most important things one is your concept clarity and the second is your questions solving approach.

  1. Star with NCERT text book,read the theory given in NCERT text book and note down all important formulas and concept in your note book.Take the help of NCERT Solutions.
  2. Read theory form Physics Wallah class 8 maths, make sure you have added all-important points in your notes.
  3. Write down all important formulas in separate note book.
  4. Try all solved questions by yourself and get the approach of solving the questions.
  5. Go for chapter wise online test class 8 maths. While solving maths the most important think is revision of Maths Formula, so download Maths Formula now.

Chapters in Class 8 Maths

This Class 8 maths are prepared under the guidance of the most experienced teachers from Physics Wallah. In order to make these solution more beneficial, we have categorised complete syllabus in terms of chapters.

  • Chapter 1: Rational Numbers

This chapter of Class 8 maths is useful for students looking to knowledge regarding the properties of real numbers, integers, natural numbers, rational numbers and whole numbers.

  • Chapter 2: Linear Equations in One Variable

This chapter helps the students in learning regarding the mathematical equation put in one variable only.

  • Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals

This chapter helps the students with various geometrical shapes such as hexagon, polygon, triangle through the mathematical equations associated with it.

  • Chapter 4: Practical Geometry

This chapter of Class 8 maths helps the students with understanding regarding the unclosed angles and specification associated with it.

  • Chapter 5: Knowledge Handling

This chapter of Class 8 maths is known to enhance their students’ knowledge with the pattern it is studied.

  • Chapter 6: Square and Square Roots

This chapter is useful for students looking to enhance their knowledge regarding the strategy of finding the square roots.

  • Chapter 7: Cube and Cube Roots

This chapter of Class 8 maths is known to enhance the student knowledge regarding the methodology associated with cubes Roots.

  • Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities

This chapter helps the students regarding the comparison to be made in terms of data in the form of percentage, market value, tax and overall value discount which is crucial part of Class 8 maths syllabus.

  • Chapter 9: Algebraic Expressions

This chapter of is known to help the students with the mathematical identities and their multi-level application of binomials, monomials and trinomials.

  • Chapter 10: Visualizing Solid Shapes

This chapter helps the students with 3-D cubes such as cuboids, cubes, cones, sphere, hemisphere’s and cylinders.

  • Chapter 11: Mensuration

This chapter is known for helping the students to enhance their concepts associated with areas and perimeters of plane closed surface.

  • Chapter 12: Exponents and Powers

This chapter helps the students with documentation of decimal numbers and varied laws of exponents.

  • Chapter 13: Direct and Inverse Proportions

This chapter helps the students with powers of negative exponents. This chapter is more of a study of increase and decrease of a quantity with respect to one.

  • Chapter 14: Factorization

This chapter of Class 8 maths is helpful to students looking for to enhance their methods of factorization to various algebraic variables.

  • Chapter 15: Introductions to Graphs

This chapter helps the students with method to study various types of graphs and their presentation.

  • Chapter 16: Playing with Numbers

This chapter of Class 8 maths is more of a playable game with numbers in the form of quiz. It comprises more arithmetic quiz and puzzles.

Why choose Physics Wallah for Maths revision notes

Since students have been looking forward to a competitive exams preparation, so here these studies can truly be beneficial in terms of scoring good marks. These solution turn out great when students are stuck with some problems. The best way to score good marks is to study thoroughly the solutions provided by our team.

Maths is generally considered one of the most important subjects. Students looking forward to making their career out of mathematics and engineering need to have study Maths revision notes for class 8 effectively. We at Physics wallah help students score maximum marks in their examinations.

The Maths revision notes for class 8 are designed as per the latest syllabus and under the expert guidance of faculties. This study ensures students can enhance their overall confidence to appear for examinations. Our team believes in crystal clear clarity of concepts for the students. The students who study Maths revision notes for class 8 with each and every aspect, can score better marks. Since maths is such a subject that has a vast syllabus to be completed.

We make sure students can easily understand each and every step of the questions provided in it. All students need to do is sign up on our website. These Maths revision notes for class 8 could be easily downloaded. Students studying through Maths revision notes for class 8 are sure to score the topmost marks. Our experts are all available to clear the doubts of students.

Why Maths revision notes are important?

The team at Physics wallah has experts in mathematics having years of experience. These revision notes are very effective to revise the complete study material. The team has made Maths revision notes for class 8 very concise and effective. In order that students can gain maximum from Maths revision notes for class 8, we have included graphs and charts.

In order to make the study of the subject easy, we have provided categorization in Maths revision notes for class 8 on the basis of chapters. Each and every topic is explained very effective and detailed manner. Only crucial topics are mentioned in the study material provided by us, which reduces the excess burden upon students.

One can find a detailed pictorial explanation in Maths revision notes for class 8 provided by the team of Physics wallah. The usage of Maths revision notes for class 8 is a very effective means to cover the syllabus in minimal time. Our drafting team has faculties with immense experience.

We have studied the question paper pattern and accordingly prepared it. We ensure a maximum number of questions to be common in the final question paper from the Maths revision notes for class 8 provided by Physics wallah. Especially dedicated spaces have been made to clarify doubts and important formulas.

How to Study revision notes for class 8 effectively?

The very sole aim of the team at Physics wallah is to ensure, Maths revision notes for class 8 could reach a maximum number of students. In order to reduce overall time wasted by students on the search of effective teachers. We at Physics wallah have specially designed strategies to study each and every aspect of maths.

This Maths revision notes for class 8 could be easily downloaded and shared among friends. We have prepped the complete Maths revision notes for class 8 in a clear and concise format.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. When to study class 8 maths revision notes?

Ans. Surely, when you make notes for maths mostly you note down all the formulae covered in NCERT textbook chapters, where you can look at them and memories them. We suggest you look at these revision notes Before you go to solve the maths exercise.

  • At some time when you stuck at a maths problem.
  • Before and after a maths test and exam.
  • We believe that these revision notes will help you with all math problems that class 8 students might come across.

Q2. How many chapters are there in CBSE class 8 maths?

Ans. The CBSE curriculum has divided out a well-thought syllabus for students of all classes, for class 8 students they have presented subject content that will boost their interest to accelerate their capability of practicing sums. The chapters included in the syllabus are below –

  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Linear Equations in One Variable
  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
  4. Practical Geometry
  5. Data Handling
  6. Squares and Square Roots
  7. Cubes and Cube Roots
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  10. Visualizing Solid Shapes
  11. Mensuration
  12. Exponents and Powers
  13. Direct and Inverse Proportions
  14. Factorisation
  15. Introduction to Graphs
  16. Playing with Numbers

Q3. Why you choose Physics wallah for class 8 maths revision notes?

Ans.  At Physics wallah we offer the best quality study material, NCERT class 8 maths notes are drafted by our subject expect teachers to students with fundamental ideas and shortcut techniques of every chapter. Our faculty is highly expert teachers with years of experience who provide you best study revision notes with sample papers based on the latest NCERT syllabus of class 8 maths both in online and offline mode after downloading it from our site.

Q4. Why is class 8 maths notes imperative?

Ans. When you have everything ready, you just have to start preparation. Suppose tomorrow will be your math test in Chapter 1. When you will start preparation, you make notes on all the concepts first. When you're done, check if you did it accurately or not. All this process will waste your time and you leave with a minimum of time to understand and review the concepts of Chapter 1.

In another case, if you already had math notes from Chapter 1 that are correct and precise, you just need to understand the concepts. This is a way that will save your much time and have a lot of time to review all the concepts and able to score high marks as well. Just to download these notes free of cost in PDF form and start preparation only.

Q5. What is the benefit of referring NCERT solutions of class 8 math?

Ans. Mathematics is regarded as the most important subject at the school level and the best way to understand the concepts is by referring to maths NCERT solution class 8. Class 8 NCERT maths book is the entryway to get good marks in exams.

Also, previous year question papers and sample papers solving becomes easy for you. You can download NCERT solutions of class 8 maths in PDF format and use it as per your suitable time and place without having an internet connection.

Q6. Which are the main chapters of NCERT class 8 maths to score well in exams?

Ans. NCERT class 8 maths consist total 16 chapters and all the chapters are necessary and important in the examination point of view. Most of the chapters are important to set a solid foundation for class 8 maths, it is important not to skip any chapter if students want to score good marks in the exam.

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