Zoology class 11

Zoology Class 11 Notes and MCQ with solved and unsolved questions

When you are in class 11 physics, chemistry and biology is the most important and interesting subject you have. In class-XI if you have taken biology it means you are of interest is clear and its medical field you wants to take your career . Class 11 Zoology notes Can help you a lot to score good marks in your school exam ,in class 11 biology are sub-classified in two parts.

You must have two separate notes one is Class 11 biology notes for zoology and second is Class 11 biology notes botany , In this page we have created a content for Class 11 Zoology Notes. Students class XI play crucial role in life of a student who is preparing for Medical entrance exams like NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS.

The Right Approach for Zoology Class 11

Syllabus of Class-11 zoology is very wide and in terms of complexity level it is much tougher as compared to class 11 syllabus, so it’s become very important to cover class 11 syllabus very judiciously as you know in Pre medical exams like NEET about 60 % to 65 % portion of zoology comes from class xi zoology portion.

Class 11 Zoology is related with the class 9th bio portion but as usual, these chapters are now in details and in advance. In Class XI Zoology part consist of Classification and animal kingdom, Tissues, Cell structure and function, Animal physiology. It is highly recommend to have a good Class 11 biology notes for zoology to score high marks in your school as well as medical entrance exam.

If any student is preparing for NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS he/she has to study all these portion at advance level along with complete mastery of NCERT book because in NEET premedical exam most of the question are directly from NCERT content but to master them, the student should read and understand each and every word NCERT and do 250 MCQ on every chapter, practicing MCQ play a vital role in the success of student , if any student reading and learning in zoology all the concept well but not doing MCQ (multiple Choice Questions) then its become impossible to crack Pre medical exams.

Zoology class 11

Tips to prepare for Zoology Class 11

Among the whole syllabus class 11 zoology most complicated portion for students is the Kingdom animal and Nervous system of Physiology portion so students have to put extra efforts to master these important topics.

Any student who want get success in premedical exams he/she start early and should start with a chapter in the following order to get full understanding of concept. Cell the unit of life, Cell division and cell cycle, Biomolecules, Cell structure and function, Tissues, Animal physiology, Morphology and anatomy of cockroach, earthworm and frog, Kingdom Animalia.

Student should read NCERT at first, make his/her Class 11 biology notes of zoology having all important points mentioned in it and try to understand the concept behind the topic then study same topic with any help book of a good writer and then do Multiple choice question, analyse the questions and try to find out the difficult topic and then again read NCERT And advance Content and the do those MCQ which becomes wrong at first attempt, repeat the strategy until you got 100% MCQ right. If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit MCQ Question for class 11 Zoology.

At last I would like to emphasis on the importance of Revision in the success of student, as you know in zoology a student have to first understand the concept and keep the content live in your mind as we know in zoology we have to learn lot’s of content and this content should be live in your mind which is possible only if you are revising the content on daily basis or on every third day.

Zoology in class 11 required good level of revision so notes must be are of two type one which consist of detail theory explaing all concept in depth and second is short notes for zoology to revise the entire syllabus quickly . academic team of Physics Wallah prepare short notes of zoology for effective revision check it out.For NCERT Solution for Class 11 Biology you can check our NCERT solution page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Zoology in Class 11?

Ans. Class 11 Zoology is a branch of biology subject which deals with the study of animals. It helps us to understand the immense diversity of animals, anatomy, reproduction, etc. It also helps students gain knowledge about our ecosystem and how animals respond.

Q2. How important questions of zoology play important role in class 11?

Ans. Zoology class 11 plays an important role for students when preparing for their final exam. It is a fertile resource with which students can gain insight into the questions that can be formulated in an exam. Practicing these important class 11 zoology questions makes learning effective and also improves performance at the time of the exam. It also gives students a platform to self-assess their preparation and an opportunity to check whether they have covered the entire syllabus or not.

Q3. How many Chapters are in Class 11 Zoology?

Ans. There are 10 chapters in class 11 zoology which are mentioned below

  1. Animal Kingdom
  2. Structural Organisation in Animals
  3. Biomolecules
  4. Digestion and Absorption
  5. Breathing and Exchange of Gases
  6. Body Fluids and Circulation
  7. Excretory Products and their Elimination
  8. Locomotion and Movement
  9. Neural Control and Coordination
  10. Chemical Coordination and Integration

Q4. Which is the best website for Zoology Class 11 Notes?

Ans. We will only say that the quality speaks, so that compares the NCERT solutions here with the others. You will realize that Physiocs Wallah solutions of zoology class 11 are easy to understand and detailed at each step.

Q5. How to score good marks in Class 11 Zoology?

Ans. Write the answers precisely so that the concept is easy to read and understand. Mark important points and formulas. Memorize a process using flowcharts and mind maps to answer during exams. Diagrams are a very important point in biology. Draw sharp, well-labeled diagrams.

Q6. Why Physics Wallah is best for class 11 Zoology?

Ans. The Physics Wallah team is a team of highly experienced teachers who have prepared special academic resources for class 11 zoology. You can get zoology notes in the chapter by chapter of class 11 by adding resolved and unresolved samples. Each chapter of the class 11 zoology notes consists of one or five exercises with objective questions that have improved your knowledge of the chapters. Our class 11 solutions help you to excel in the exam prepared by our academic team.

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