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ICSE Worksheet for class 9 science Biology

Biology is the study of life. It is the study of living things and their interactions with the environment. Biology sees the cell as the basic unit of life, genetics as a heredity unit, and evolution as an engine that develops new species. Life science has helped shape the world. It has reliable answers as to why things happen scientifically.

Physics Wallah is a platform where CBSE Class 9 Biology students can learn a variety of living organisms and discover fascinating facts. Let's read and appreciate together biodiversity.


NCERT Textbooks are an excellent incentive for those students who want to get better grades in CBSE exams. Students get better and higher results by solving their papers based on essential topics. One of the main goals of creating an NCERT Solution for Class 9 is for the student to find a simple solution, acting as a powerful incentive to improve marks. We often focus on the fact that students do not see it difficult to understand concepts and can quickly memorize them.

All chapters of the CBSE Class 9 Biology syllabus determined by the CBSE and based on the NCERT curriculum have their significance and weightage. Physics Wallah considered all the minor details from the curriculum to ensure that the Class 9 Biology CBSE syllabus aligned well.

Each chapter of class 9 Biology CBSE has a variety of concepts related to NCERT learning outcomes and plays a role in improving outcomes. A list of CBSE chapters for biology class 9 will give you an overview of all the subjects available in the curriculum.

This page is prepared by academic team of Physics Wallah and consist of ICSE Worksheet for class 9 science Biology. All these worksheets are prepared by Academic team of Physics Wallah with detail solutions and provided with chapter wise questions.For ICSE worksheet for class 9 Science. Check out main page of Physics Wallah.

Find Below Chapter Wise ICSE Worksheet For Class 9 science Biology pdf

List of Class 9 Biology Worksheet

  • Worksheet 1 - Cell- The fundamental unit of life
  • Worksheet 2 - Cell-The Fundamental unit of life
  • Worksheet 3 - Tissues
  • Worksheet 4 - Tissues
  • Worksheet 5 - Diversity in living Organisms
  • Worksheet 6 - Diversity in living organisms
  • Worksheet 7 - Diversity in living organisms
  • Worksheet 8 - Why do we fall ill
  • Worksheet 9 - Natural Resources
  • Worksheet 10 - Natural Resources
  • Worksheet 11 - Improvement in Food resources
  • Worksheet 12 - Improvement in Food resources

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