Breaking the Myths That Stop You from Cracking GATE 2023!

Apr 23, 2023, 16:45 IST

Everyone wants to create a job in this cutthroat world that can enrich their lives, therefore they take the GATE Exam. The GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam targeted to graduates to test their knowledge of science and math. There are various advantages to taking the extremely competitive GATE Exam.

Breaking the Myths That Stop You from Cracking GATE 2023

The GATE committee, which is made up of many IITs and IISc Bangalore, conducts the GATE test on a nationwide basis each year. Each year, an institution that is a member of the GATE committee conducts the test; they are all employed by the ministry of human resource development.

GATE is a prominent test for students who are aiming for a postgraduate degree from a reputable university or a job with a PSU. For applicants, it offers a lot of avenues to job success. A student's knowledge of their undergraduate courses, from the first to the last year, is tested in the GATE.

Both the applicants' application and their conceptual clarity are examined. Success in any competitive test, including the GATE, depends on careful scheduling, grit, commitment, and committed preparation. Qualifying the GATE exam has innumerable benefits and can be a life changing opportunity for the students.

The burden of having to pass this exam is heavy, and it is not simple to hold up this responsibility. It carries a heavy load of anxiety and annoyance. A student who is overthinking will eventually become slower and come to believe in more lies and misinformation as a result of this fear.

A person's mental fear is primarily what prevents them from moving up the success ladder. Most individuals already hold misconceptions about certain exams even before enrolling for them, and out of fear of failing, they never even attempt to study.

Great myths and rumors are often the result of people's tensions and fear, and the GATE exam is no different. There are several myths that frequently circulate around the GATE EXAM, not all of which may be accurate or even incorrect. The majority of them exist as a result of lazy individuals who prefer to live in a bubble of myths and fake reality, which further prevents them from doing anything significant and meaningful in their life.

So in this article, let's bust the GATE exam myths and correct the facts!


Myths about GATE EXAM 2023

Gate is very tough and cracking it is extremely difficult

GATE is an All India examination. It is understandable why people think that just because it's a country-wide examination, GATE is difficult to crack. But to people's surprise, this assumption is completely wrong. It is definitely true that the GATE exam is difficult.

But it is not as difficult as people these days assume it to be. Cracking the exam is definitely NOT extremely difficult. It is a complete myth that clearing the GATE exam is difficult to do. In fact, every year hundreds of students clear the GATE examination and get really good jobs, or even move on for their higher education.

Not just GATE, but every exam will be just as difficult if you do not prepare for it well enough. With the right preparation, hard work and consistent practice, one will definitely succeed. GATE is a concept-based exam, so anyone who understands the GATE concepts well will surely perform well and get good GATE scores.

You must refer to as many books as you can

Each branch of the GATE exam has a large number of GATE subjects, and those subjects cover a wide range of topics. Every topic has subtopics, and each subtopic has its own collection of books. You won't be able to finish the books within the allotted time if you begin reading them one at a time. Thus, this is a complete myth.

Only books that are truly important should be acknowledged. There is no end to the GATE books. Since there is no end to knowledge, if you begin on the path of reading every book you can get your hands on, this cycle will never stop.

Instead of collecting a variety of books and being confused, one should concentrate on understanding the concepts clearly. You must simply make reference to those books that are essential, not all available publications. GATE reference books and GATE mock tests are also great ways of practicing. Never follow a bookish hustle.

To completely grasp a subject, stick to one study guide and go over it often.

Only students from top institutes can crack the GATE exam

This is one of the most widespread rumors that have affected the country and the youth so badly that many of them have not even attempted the examination because of not coming from a reputed or top institute. People have somehow claimed that only students from IIT’s and NIT’s can crack the GATE exam.

This myth has had such a strong hold on the students because so many students have not even considered appearing for the exam. This rumor makes absolutely no sense at all. Throughout the years there have been multiple GATE toppers who have come from tier 2 and tier 3 colleges as well.

A lot of toppers who had failed in their graduation have worked hard and have successfully entered the GATE toppers list. The only key to cracking GATE is sincerity, hard work, determination and most importantly, a strong will power. Your background, your college, your school, does not matter.

Attempting all the questions will give you full marks

This is another mindless myth that must not be listened to at all cost. Attempting all the questions without proper knowledge of the answers will definitely put you in big trouble. Many of the students may think that if they attempt more, they will somehow land in with more marks.

This is most definitely not the case with the GATE examination. Attempting more questions is a good thing only when you are 100% sure that they are correct. Otherwise instead of gaining marks, you will lose marks. Students should be aware that there is a GATE negative marking policy for wrong answers.

One must carefully answer the questions in order to maximize his or her marks because there is a significant 33 percent penalty for giving the wrong answer on multiple-choice questions. It's acceptable to skip a few questions, but answering incorrectly will definitely lower your GATE score.

Study all day and forget your hobbies

Another crazy myth is that GATE aspirants must spend all their time on studies. One must spend every day and night with the GATE preparation books and not care about anything else. Forget about your hobbies or exercise or any other distractions and focus on studies only then you will be able to clear GATE.

This is a bizarre myth. As much as studies are important, so is health. Giving attention to your hobbies maintains your mental health while exercising on a regular basis keeps a check on your physical health. The students must focus on the quality of studies rather than the quantity.

Only when your mind and body is healthy, will it be able to soak up all the knowledge you’re putting into it. The time given to studies is not as important, but how much you are understanding in the given time is what’s the most important.


Coaching classes have more importance than college

GATE Coaching classes are undoubtedly extremely important. But a lot of students end up thinking that just because they have enrolled themselves into a GATE coaching class, they now have the freedom to bunk their college and miss out on lectures.

This is a very wrong assumption. There are many major important topics that are covered by lecturers at college. Only if you attend the college lectures will you be perfect with your understanding of GATE topics. The coaching classes are there just to sharpen the knowledge you already gain from college.

So totally skipping out these classes would be like depending only upon the coaching for your GATE marks and GATE ranking. Which is not efficient at all. The college classes are equally as important as coaching classes and need to be given a lot of attention as well.

The Takeaway

As we can see, rumors and myths revolving around the GATE exam are never ending. But one should never lose their self confidence and will. You should always keep in mind that these myths are only excuses from students that have made unsuccessful GATE attempts.

Instead of wasting your precious time in listening to myths like these, it's always wise to use that time for your GATE preparation. You need to give undivided concentration to your studies and pay no heed to such unnecessary distractions.

A lot of people say a lot of things and each person has his own opinion. You need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and look at the GATE exam from your perspective.

Never underestimate your power. Your potential is always more than you think. Such myths do nothing but pull you down. You must never let them do that. Despite the fact that thousands of candidates apply and sit for the exam, there are only 2,000 to 3,000 serious GATE candidates.

Those who consistently and systematically study are selected. You will join them if you follow the same path. Don't be afraid before you even begin. To win, you must compete and put in a lot of effort.

Good luck with your preparations and never stop believing in yourself!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Is the GATE exam harder than the JEE exam?

Ans. Compared to JEE (Advance or Mains) tests, the GATE exam is definitely harder. In contrast to the GATE exam, where undergraduate subject knowledge and the student's general aptitude are tested, the JEE papers' concepts and questions are examined at the 11th and 12th grade level.

Q2. Why is GATE so important?

Ans. The GATE exam is intended to assess students' proficiency in engineering and science-related courses. Several PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) also hire candidates using the GATE scorecard.

Q3. How hard is Math in GATE?

Ans. The GATE 2022 engineering mathematics exam is quite difficult. Thus, it is crucial for candidates to be able to tackle both fundamental and complex mathematical problems. Although difficult, it is not impossible.

Q4. Which is the best branch for the GATE exam?

Ans. Over 70% of the approximately 10 lakh students who qualify for the GATE exam each year come from completely different branches. Therefore, the engineering specialization that you think is ideal for the GATE is the one that you like.

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