NEET Chemistry Notes, Class 11 and 12 Notes for Chemistry

NEET Chemistry Notes are provided below. To enhance your performance in the NEET 2024 exam, study all the chapters and topics outlined in the NEET Chemistry Syllabus.

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NEET Chemistry Notes: Are you preparing for the NEET 2024 exam and searching for comprehensive study materials? Look no further! We have compiled an extensive collection of NEET Chemistry Notes customized to help you excel in the upcoming exam. These  NEET Chemistry Notes are meticulously organized, covering each chapter and topic in an easy to understand format.

To further assist you in your preparation, we provide the NEET Chemistry Notes in PDF format, ensuring convenient accessibility and the ability to study anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of this valuable resource! 

We prepare the most comprehensive notes to enhance your understanding and boost your performance in the NEET 2024 exam. Explore the NEET Chemistry Notes now and prepare for the NEET Examination 2024!

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Chapter Wise Chemistry NEET Notes

Chemistry Chapter Wise Notes for NEET will help you understand the topics properly. It will also help you quickly revise the essential topics for NEET 2024. NEET Exam 2024 Aspirants should study the Chapter Wise Chemistry NEET Notes for adequate Preparation.

Download NEET Chemistry Notes

NEET Chemistry Notes will help you prepare until the end. You should access Chapterwise NEET Chemistry Notes to increase the pace of your preparation for NEET 2024. To boot up your preparation, Download NEET Chemistry Notes PDFs from the links given below:

NEET Chemistry Notes For Class 11

NEET Chemistry Notes for Class 11

S.No NEET Chemistry Notes Class 11
1 Chapter 1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Notes
2 Chapter 2. Structure of Atom Notes
3 Chapter 3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Notes
4 Chapter 4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Notes
5 Chapter 5. States of Matter: Gases and Liquids Notes
6 Chapter 6. Thermodynamics Notes
7 Chapter 7. Equilibrium Notes
8 Chapter 8. Redox Reactions Notes
9 Chapter 9. Hydrogen Notes
10 Chapter 10. s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) Notes
11 Chapter 11. p-Block Elements Notes
12 Chapter 12. Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques Notes
13 Chapter 13. Hydrocarbons Notes
14 Chapter 14. Environmental Chemistry Notes

NEET Chemistry Notes For Class 12

NEET Chemistry Notes for Class 12
S.No NEET Chemistry Notes Class 12 
1 Chapter 1. Solid State Notes
2 Chapter 2. Solutions Notes
3 Chapter 3. Electrochemistry Notes
4 Chapter 4. Chemical Kinetics Notes
5 Chapter 5. Surface Chemistry Notes
6 Chapter 6. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Notes
7 Chapter 7. p- Block Elements Notes
8 Chapter 8. d and f Block Elements Notes
9 Chapter 9. Coordination Compounds Notes
10 Chapter 10. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Notes
11 Chapter 11. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Notes
12 Chapter 12. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Notes
13 Chapter 13. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Notes
14 Chapter 14. Biomolecules Notes
15 Chapter 15. Polymers Notes
16 Chapter 16. Chemistry in Everyday Life Notes

Benefits of NEET Chemistry Notes

NEET Chemistry notes provide numerous advantages to students preparing for the NEET examination. Here are some key benefits of utilizing NEET Chemistry notes in your preparation:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: NEET Chemistry notes encompass the entire syllabus, ensuring access to all the relevant topics and concepts required for the exam. These notes provide a systematic study approach, allowing you to cover each chapter thoroughly.
  • Organized Format: The NEET Chemistry Notes are structured in a well organized format, making it easier to navigate through different chapters. This helps in efficient revision and saves valuable study time.
  • Clarity and Conciseness: NEET Chemistry notes are designed to present complex concepts clearly and concisely. They condense the essential information, eliminating unnecessary details and providing a focused understanding of each topic. This promotes better comprehension and retention of the subject matter.
  • Key Highlights and Summaries: The NEET Chemistry Notes often include vital highlights and summaries of important concepts, equations, reactions, and formulas. These summaries act as quick revision tools, enabling you to revise and reinforce the crucial points before the exam.
  • Visual Aids and Diagrams: Many NEET Chemistry notes incorporate visual aids, diagrams, and illustrations to enhance understanding. These visuals simplify complex ideas, making them easier to grasp and remember. Visual representations also aid in visualizing chemical structures, reactions, and mechanisms.
  • Time-Saving Resource: NEET Chemistry notes save you valuable time by providing a consolidated resource that eliminates the need to search for information across multiple textbooks or online sources. With everything you need in one place, you can focus on studying effectively and efficiently.
  • Exam-Oriented Preparation: NEET Chemistry notes are tailored specifically for the NEET examination, aligning with the exam pattern and marking scheme. They emphasize the topics frequently asked in the exam, helping you prioritize your preparation and improve your chances of scoring well.

NEET Chemistry Noes FAQs

Are NEET Chemistry notes necessary?

It is necessary to boot up your preparation. Our NEET Chemistry notes closely adhere to the most recent syllabus as specified by the NTA. The notes include all physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry principles. The revision notes are essential for revising before mock tests and the final exam.

Is it simple to get 120 marks in the NEET Chemistry exam?

Getting 120 marks in the NEET Chemistry Examination is simple if you adequately prepare. As per our analysis of past NEET papers, the Chemistry portion has basic and expected questions, mainly from NCERT textbooks. This suggests candidates could score high or above 120 with proper coaching consultation.

Can I still apply to NEET If I fail chemistry?

You are ineligible to apply for the exam since you have failed the chemistry examination. 

What should I do to prepare for Organic Chemistry for the NEET 2024?

The following advice can help students prepare for the Organic Chemistry section:
1. Create a solid foundation of understanding for the ideas covered in class 11 chapters like Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques. 
2. Possess a thorough knowledge of isomerism and nomenclature. 
3. Repeat each NCERT question's solution. 
4. Solve the Organic Chemistry problems from the NEET sample papers. 
5. Analyze the solutions to get rid of any remaining uncertainties. 

How many Chemistry questions are there in the NEET exam?

There are 45 questions in the Chemistry segment of the NEET exam. The Chemistry section carries a total of 180 points.

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