science class 10th chapter-Acid base and salt Formula & Important points

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Class- 10th chapter- Acid base and salt Formula & Important points

acid, base and salt

Indicator Colour in acidic solution Colour In basic solution
Blue litmus solution Red No colour change
Red litmus solution No colour change Blue
Phenol phthanlein Coloruress Pink
Methyl orange Pink Yellow

Physical properties of Acids and Bases:

  Acids   Bases
Sour taste Bitter taste
Turns blue litmus to red Turns red litmus to blue
Provided H+ ions When dissociated Provided OH– ion when dissociated
pH less than 7 Bases dissolve in Water to give alkalies

pH more than 7 upto 14

strong acids HCl, HNO3, H2SO4 strong base NaOH, KOH
weak acids H2CO3 CH3COOH H3PO4 weak base NH4OH


Name Type Chemical Formula Where found or used
Carbonic acid Mineral acid H2CO3 In soft drinks and lends fizz, in stomach as gastric juice, used in tanning industry
Nitric acid Mineral acid HNO3 Used in the manufacture of explosives.

(TNT, Nitroglycerine) and fertilizers

(Ammonium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Purification of Au, Ag.)

Hydrochloric acid Mineral acid HCl In purification of common salt, in textile industry as bleaching agent,

to make aqua regia mixture of HCl

and HNO3 in ratio of 3 : 1

Sulphuric acid Mineral acid H2SO4 Commonly used in car batteries, in the manufacture of fertilizers

(Ammonium sulphate, super phosphate) detergents etc,

in paints, plastics, drugs, in manufacture of artificial silk,

in petroleum refining.


Phosphoric acid Mineral acid H3PO4 Used in antirust paints and in fertilizers.
Formic acid Organic acid HCOOH(CH2O2) Found in the stings of ants and bees, used in tanning leather,

in medicines for treating gout disease of joints.

Acetic acid Organic acid CH3COOH(C2H4O2) Found in vinegar used a solvent in the manufacture of dyes and perfumes

manufacture of dyes and perfumes

Lactic acid Organic acid CH3CH(OH)COOH(C3H6O3) Responsible for souring of milk in curd.


Benzoic acid Organic acid C6H5COOH Used as a food preservation.


Citric acid Organic acid C6H8O Present in lemons, oranges and citrus fruits.


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science class 10th chapter-Acid base and salt Formula & Important points

science class 10th chapter-Acid base and salt Formula & Important points

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