Electrostatics questions

Jul 20, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Electrostatics questions

Static electricity can be observed in various ways. When we walk on a woollen carpet with rubber-soled shoes on a dry day, our bodies become charged and on touching a metal doorknob, there is a sudden painful spark. Also when clothes are removed from a dryer, they cling together because electric charges are transferred between the clothes. These phenomena result from the forces between charges at rest. which enables the students to develop problem solving ability along with emphasis on physical concept. To help the student assess his understanding of the concept and further improvise on his problem solving skills. Solutions to all the questions in the booklet are available and will be provided to the students (at the discretion of the professor). Every possible attempt has been made to make the booklet flawless. Anyone who has ever watched a thunderstorm, can never forget the fury, the splendour and the dazzle of a lightning bolt as it strikes a tree reducing it to ashes.  When you sleep in a dry room in winter, you might have noticed streaks of light as your hair rubs against dry clothing.Do check out chapter wise Physics Questions prepared by Physics Wallah.

This is a manifestation of electric forces. Electricity is responsible for most of the phenomena we observe around us, from the behaviour of atoms to their chemical combination or even the Northern lights.Our generators produce electricity, which drives motors - running machines, buses and trains.To understand these phenomena and to use electricity - we study electrostatics

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