Monatomic gases

Sep 06, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Monatomic gases

Monatomic is a combination of two words “mono” and “atomic” means single atom. All the gas molecules which consist or exist of single atom are known as monoatomic gas. Example are generally noble gases like He, Ar, Ne. 

The noble gases are monatomic gases as they are unreactive in nature which is a property of these gases. 

Monatomic Gases Examples

Monatomic Gases Examples
Helium Radon
Neon Xenon
Argon Krypton

About Diatomic molecules 

Diatomic are those molecules that are composed of only two atoms. Example of diatomic molecules are Hydrogen , Nitrogen , oxygen etc. Find all chemsitry formulas chapter wise.

Find the details bout gas molecules and Monoatomic Gases

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