Class 8 Biology

Class 8 Biology Notes

Biology is one such subject which plays a significant role in science subject. Biology, on one hand, can be a boring subject to many of the students. Biology is one such subject which helps students to accumulate their knowledge associated with microorganisms, cell structure & Reproduction in animals.

The team at Physics Wallah is well experienced in teaching Class 8 biology from years. This study material is extremely beneficial for the students looking forward to scoring top marks in examination. The contents of Class 8 biology are prepared under the guidance of experts with intensive and thorough research.

Biology Notes

Why are Class 8 biology Important?

This Class 8 biology is prepared under the guidance of experts. The study material has been reviewed back to back in order to ensure no discrepancies are prevalent in the material. The students must go through Class 8 biology while they are studying for their examinations. We ensure students looking forward to scoring good marks and have considerable knowledge. Class 8 biology is such a part of science which hold maximum marks in examination paper.

Since Class 8 Biology is one such topic which holds theory in its complete part. Biology holds a significant amount of marks in the overall division of science subject. The Class 8 biology study material by our experts has been devised imbibing experiments, activities and minor projects. These activities make the overall Class 8 biology subject very easy.

The students are also provided with guidelines to understand typical concepts. Since Class 8 Biology holds a significant position in building strong foundation for future education. The Class 8 biology study material has been devised in order to assists your revision just before the examinations.

The faculties at Physics Wallah ensure that students are benefitted to the most since there are numerous of the things that need to be remembered. The complete syllabus has been categorised into various segments by our study material drafting committee.

How to Study Class 8 biology effectively?

Students looking forward to excelling in their examination can go through the study material drafted by us. We have provided a special section to all important questions, which students can refer just before the examinations. We try to enforce and focus upon the students with specific strategies who lack in specific topics.

The Class 8 biology study material is specially devised in such a manner, which helps the students to comprise large syllabus into concise sections. Our educators are all the way present to resolve your doubts associated with Class 8 biology subject. The sole objective of our team is to provide top-notch study material right up to you home. If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Biology Quiz for class 8.

Why Physics Wallah is best for biology?

The team at Physics Wallah has been involved in devising best quality study material which would bring maximum success to students. We have prepared Class 8 biology study material after continuous study of previous papers. The students can directly Class 8 biology right from our website.

The students only need to make their account with us and they can access the precious study material with a single click. These studies are prepared in such a manner that they can be shared among the friends and read through any reading device.

Right Approach for Class 8 Biology

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared separate section for class 8 biology and added additional information’s, concepts for those students who wants to read in depth subject and preparing for scholarship exam or entrance exam . Physics Wallah study material for class 8 biology consists of detailed theory of all chapters of biology with added example and solved and unsolved questions.

Tips to make Notes of class 8 Biology

  1. At Physics Wallah class 8 Biology each chapter consist of exercise having almost 100 to 200 objective questions.
  2. Biology is subject of information’s and retention of information’s for that notes play a very important role one must develop a practice of writing or preparing notes of class 8 biology gives you very good retention of concept.
  3. Write down all bullet points in the chapter make sure you have note down all important name and use and application.
  4. Try to find out the working principle of the chapter read carefully cell structure make proper diagram in note book.
  5. Diagram is the key area not only for your exam but also to understand the concept , because of this Physics Wallah uploaded colorful diagrams for each and every concept for effective learning.
  6. NCERT text book is must for class 8 biology ,read class 8 science from NCERT text book read the example and try to find your own concepts take the help of NCERT Solutions. And start learning solve all questions given in the exercise of ncert text book and take help form NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science.
  7. While reading the theory form Physics Wallah class 8 biology note down all important points in your note book also while solving the objective questions given in the exercise of Physics Wallah you will find several new thinks explore these new concept and try to note down all points in your note book for future reference .

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How to make class 8 biology notes?

Ans. Biology is the subject of retention of information which plays important role in student’s life.

  • Read chapters carefully, understand all the main points.
  • Write down all the important concept and points of the chapters in notes.
  • A Diagram is a key area of the chapter to understand the concepts, practice every diagram again and again it will help you in the exam.

NCERT textbook is a must for class 8 biology, so read chapters from a textbook with example and understand the concepts and points. Try to solve exercise questions of NCERT class 8 biology textbook. After reading the theory of the chapters makes your handy notes with the help of Physics Wallah expert teachers.

Q2. How to improve marks with Physics Wallah class 8 biology notes?

Ans. Class 8 Biology Notes are supported by the help of dedicated members, who have access to this purpose. The class 8 biology notes are very useful to those students who are preparing for the entrance exams such as NTSE, Olympiad, the foundation for JEE & NEET.

  1. Make a list of all important concepts and formulas for quick revision; make sure you won’t skip any topic.
  2. Focus on the NCERT textbook, solve all questions and examples of NCERT.
  3. Try to solve as many as previous year question papers, sample papers; it helps you to get to know how many times which questions have been asked.
  4. Create your study schedule, make a practice of questions.

Q3. How to score good marks in CBSE class 8 biology?

Ans. Biology is considered a nightmare for students preparing for class 8 CBSE examination. It is not only a subject of theory; it is half based on practical. Read NCERT textbook topic and concepts carefully. Try to solve questions practically and interestingly.

Preparing with the right strategy will surely help you in getting good marks in biology. Never attempt doubtful questions, which is not clear to you as it will consume your time. Students often read questions as quickly as they want to test make sure you read it carefully and avoid guess. 

Q4. Why should you learn biology in class 8?

Ans. Biology is a subject which connects us with the environment, our ecosystem in which we live. It is a subject which makes students able to make a decision regarding their health and hygiene. Learning biology opens many fields for a career like doctor, zoologist, agronomist, biochemist, genetic technician etc.

Q5. Which is the best reference book for class 8 biology?

Ans. For class 8 there is no need for extra book leaving NCERT textbook but still, you are interested in reference book then go for Oswaal it is a good choice. Class 8 only needs understanding the concepts and building a strong base which can be done by NCERT textbook.

Q6. Why should I refer to NCERT solutions of class 8 science for exam preparation?

Ans. NCERT solutions of class 8 provide chapter-wise solutions of questions; this will be very helpful during exam preparation. CBSE students can refer to NCERT solutions for class 8 science prepared by Physics Wallah expert teachers; it includes chapters that make an important contribution to building the right and strong base from the start. If students refer NCERT solutions of class 8 science prepared by Physics Wallah expert teachers, scoring good in a science paper.

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