Online Quiz for Class 8 Biology

Physics Wallah academic team prepared advance study material for class 8 students we have classified class 8 science in three parts like physics,chemistry and biology. For advance studied we have divided theory and questions MCQ in two part for theory you can check out our study material part of class 8. This page consists of Biology quiz for class 8 . Biology quiz for class 8 consist of chapter of biology and additional questions MCQ based these questions are in the form of online test so gives you added advantage of getting result and score card immediately.

Online Quiz for Class 8 Biology

Strategies to score fully marks in Biology Quiz for class 8 

Two thinks are very important before appearing for Biology Quiz for class 8 one conceptual clarity in the chapter and second is practice in that chapter .Start with your NCERT text book read the theory given in text book make sure you are preparing notes always remember that biology is a subject of theory which required good quality notes to excel so always try to note down all important point .

Once you have completed the theory parts of the chapter now it’s time to solve the questions given in NCERT text book . Physics Wallah uploaded detail NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science for your reference make sure you are using it only for reference. In this section we have added few additional topics for all those students who start preparing for NEET from class 8 onwards. Do read CBSE Class 8 Biology Notes from Physics Wallah.

Marking and score of Biology Quiz for class 8 

Each chapter consist of more than one Biology Quiz for class 8. Each online test or quiz is uploaded with questions from 10 to 45 depending on the chapter and its difficulty level. For each correct answer you will get +4 marks and for each incorrect answer you will get -1 marks. So be careful submit the answer. We also have Biology Doubts section where the most common doubts are explained by our expert faculty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to score good marks in biology quiz for class 8?

Ans. Two things are very important before appearing for the Grade 8 biology quiz: the first is the conceptual clarity in the chapter and the second is an exercise in that chapter. Start with your NCERT book. Read the theory given in the book and make sure to take notes.
Always remember that biology is the subject of a theory that requires good quality notes to excel, so always try to write down all the important points. Once you have completed the theoretical part of the chapter, now is the time to solve the questions in the NCERT book.

Q2. Where can I find class 8 biology quiz questions?

Ans. Physics Wallah offers a curated biology quiz questions for grade 8. These questions are written by experienced Physics Wallah teachers with years of teaching experience. Students looking for CBSE biology quiz questions can download them from Physics Wallah's website. These materials are available in a free downloadable PDF version. The quiz questionnaire is based on the latest program.

Q3. What are the topics available in the biology quiz for class 8?

Ans. Here are some topics that are available in biology quiz-

  1. Human Nervous System
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Health and Hygiene
  4. Reproduction And etc.

Q4. How Physics Wallah helps you in the class 8 biology quiz?

Ans. In eighth grade, students can hear the advanced level of biology that is about to be presented. Here at Physics Wallah, we've combined and split the entire curriculum students will cover this year into one perfect step-by-step method. Students can access various online quizzes, also based on difficulty. Our fun quizzes help students put into practice the concepts and skills they have already learned by accessing the quizzes they will cover throughout the year. Since these quizzes are not suitable for school, you can try them as often as you want.

We designed these quizzes to help you maximize the skills and techniques they teach you. Our main goal is to ensure that we can teach students skills in an easy to learn the way, those students find an interesting task and learn from it while having fun doing it.

Q5. What are the advantages of the class 8 biology quiz?

Ans. Here are some advantages of the class 8 biology quiz:

  1. Increases the general confidence of students.
  2. Help students examine all critical topics.
  3. A regular quiz gives the teacher an idea of how well the class as a whole understands the concepts.
  4. Studying becomes more profitable after quizzes.

Q6. Why is the biology quiz of class 8 necessary?

Ans. Class 8 Biology Quizzes are a good resource for students to prepare for the exam. These quizzes are prepared according to the CBSE program and exam template. These documents also provide an idea of the latest and most important exam assessment programs. It covers almost all important concepts and chapters from an exam point of view.

Practicing the Class 8 biology quiz gives students the confidence to properly prepare for the exam. These documents are organized by subject matter experts and are based on CBSE patterns. Help students practice hard and get good exam results.

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