Botany class 11th Notes

Botany Class 11 Notes

Class 11 Botany is important to build a solid foundation of subject botany for higher class as well as for class 12th board and NEET entrance exam, because it consist of all basics of botany you will learn the nomenclature of flowers, plant and understand the Classification of Plant in different aspects several chapters are very important not only for botany as a subject but also useful for the zoology.

Botany class 11 Notes and content has been created by the most prominent and highly dedicated faculty of Physics Wallah Systems and Solution.


The aim of this Book to provide every student with the essential material of botany class 11 and to make him/her to face the exam with maximum confidence. We have divided each subject into chapters which in turn are broken down into subtopics every chapter and in the sub-topic, a brief discussion regarding the topic is given.

At the end of chapter there is concept map (mind map for social science and science) is provided that refreshes important points and terms. At the end of each chapter practice exercises which have been carefully chosen to make all the concepts clear to students are given.

We are sure you would tremendously enjoy studying our content on botany class 11 which is useful for NEET, AIIMS, AFMC and other medical entrance exam. Use NCERT solutions for Class 11 Biologyprepared by Physics Wallah for reference.

Botany is one of the important subjects in class 11. The team at Physics Wallah has collectively made effort to offer students with optimum study material. Since Class 11 botany is a significant tool that helps the students to ascertain accurately the scope of the preparation to be made. The study material we provide is highly sufficient to ensure great marks in the examination.

The team at Physics Wallah is dedicated to giving a clear idea of course content. Since Class 11 botany plays a significant role in career growth of students looking forward to making progress in this field. Since Class 11 Botany Syllabus being such a wide, we provide a detailed analysis of each and every aspect.

Why are Class 11 Botany Important?

Our team Physics Wallah helps in attaining students with particular knowledge of the subject. We only have experts in fields in our teams. Since botany is such a subject that comprises theory in most of its parts. We have described each topic of Class 11 botany very widely. A special section is provided to resolve student’s doubts that they generally face. The topics are also provided with details of probable marks they can come off. The students can good percentile marks on thoroughly studying the topic.

The students need not worry regarding Class 11 botany if they are already acquainted with study material. The students can download the Class 11 botany study materiel with just a click. The course content is designed very specifically in order that students find it very easy to understand. The Class 11 botany study material is as per the course content and crucial topics. Our team have performed extensive research of question papers and most important question are provided here.

How to Study Class 11 Botany effectively?

Our experts have devised a very specific strategy to gain maximum marks while preparing. The students can even use this material to do a revision. All the optimum points of the subject have been highlighted out. Students are also provided with concepts clearing topics for clear understanding. We have provided with this topic along with detailed solution scoring marks in examination. We at Physics Wallah have provided you with the top-notch Class 11 botany study material right at your home. We ensure you succeed not only in your examination, but also helpful in future competitive examinations.

Why Physics Wallah is best for Class 11 Botany?

Students studying Class 11 botany are well aware of the fact that the topics adhering to the syllabus are only provided in the study material. The team at Physics Wallah helps the students to score maximum marks by detailing important questions. We provide all the solutions according to the examination pattern. The students are made ready to target examination with appropriate strategy.

The team at Physics Wallah deeply believes in providing optimum study material to needy students. We have provided the complete Class 11 botany study material for free on our website. The students can go through the website and download it. The study material has been prepared in Pdf format and it is easily sharable among friends. Students can also access the Short Notes and Important Points of Botany for NEET.

Tips to score Good Marks in class 11 Botany

  1. Always start from the first chapter of NCERT and must use NCERT textbook as the main textbook for you. Read Physics Wallah theory carefully. try to solve all questions given in NCERT exercise by yourself you can use NCERT solutions for class 11 Biology prepared by Physics Wallah for reference only.
  2. Make a good note, before making the notes read NCERT textbook and then read Physics Wallah theory and try to mix both in your notes make separate notes for the bullet points which are important and useful
  3. Solve the MCQs as many as possible try to note down good information’s from MCQ Physics Wallah consist of a sufficient number of MCQs for class 11 botany
  4. Botany class 11 notes must consist of all required diagrams with names, try to use a multicolor pencil to draw the diagram this will improve your retention and help you to revise faster.
  5. Try to note down all important name in classification chapter and revise it multiple time this way you can memories it .

Photolysis in the higher plants is an important topic so do it carefully. always remember Botany class 11 Notes are very important for your preparation higher the information your Botany class 11 Notes carriers higher is the possibility of solving questions .so make your Botany class 11 Notes stronger and good in term of content quality try to note down all small to big important point and try to add points day by day. Botany class 11 Notes can’t be prepared in one day so it will be grow slowly

Botany Class 11th Notes & MCQ for NEET

For Biology, NCERT Textbook is highly recommended book for your final board as well as for NEET exam preparations. Always start from the first chapter of Botany class 11th Notes from the text book of NCERT , we have divided class 11 biology into two parts one is zoology and second is botany in this page we have uploaded all chapter of botany and theory part of these chapter will help you to prepared your NCERT biology class 11 notes

Strategies for Botany Class 11th Notes

Notes are very important for your biology subjects and additional information are added in each chapter of botany in this page to update your Botany class 11th Notes.

Pattern of Class 11 Botany

  1. The final exam of class 11 botany is of 3 hours duration of full marks 70.
  2. The weightage of the distribution of marks over different dimensions of the question paper shall be as follows:
  3. Weightage to different form of questions
S. No Form of Questions Marks for each questions No. of questions Total Marks
1. Very Short Answer(VSA) 1 8 08
2. Short Answer (SA II) 2 10 20
3. Short Answer (SA I) 3 09 27
4. Short Answer (SA I) 5 03 15
  TOTAL -   30 70

Scheme of Options of Class 11 botany

  1. There will be no overall option.
  2. Internal choices (either/or type) on a very selective basis has been provided. This choiee has been given in one question of 2 marks, one question of 3 marks and all the three questions of 5 marks weightage.

Weightage to difficulty level of questions in Class 11 Botany

S. No Estimated difficulty level Percentage
1. Easy 15
2. Average 70
3. Difficult 15

About 20% weightage has been assigned to questions testing higher order thinking skills of learners.

Chapters of Botany Class 11th Notes

  • Living World: Binomial nomenclature is important, questions comes from NCERT biology class 11 notes Generally and the commonest example asked is that of Mangifera indica linn.
  • Biological Classification: Viruses structure and fungi characteristics, questions generally come from NCERT biology class 11 notes however virus is a will topic and question can be slight variations of NCERT.
  • Plant- Kingdom: Vast chapter, but maximum questions are NCERT biology class 11 notes oriented, general characteristics of all the plant groups is key topic. However there are a eat of things to memorise on this topic.
  • Morphology of Flowering Plants: Modifications of Root, Stem and Leaves. Families characteristics is also camying potential questions form NCERT biology class 11 notes
  • Anatomy of Flowering Plants: Secondary growth is Dicot stem and Dicot root is the most important topic. Although complex tissues is also a key topic.
  • Transport in Plants:Transport of water and minerals through xylem and transport of phloem sap from phloem. Study this chapter from NCERT biology class 11 notes line by line.
  • Mineral Nutrients: Categories of mineral nutrients like micro and macro nutrients and their function is important.
  • Photosynthesis is higher Plants: Starting from historical development to light independent Reactions is important to leam. Differences b/w C3 and C4 plants, function of Rubisco and Pep case Factors affecting photosynthesis.
  • Respiration in Plants: Glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle is most important topic from NCERT. ETC and Fermentation also carries potential to solve questions.
  • Plant Growth and Development: Roles of Hormones like Auxin, Cytokinin, Ethylene is important.

Botany required very good notes for your class 11th as well as for NEET entrance exam. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared a revision notes for Biology for all medical entrance exam as well as very usefull for CBSE board exam, it consist of all important pointers which is required to be known. Revise your class 11th Botany with Physics Wallah class 11 biology notes. To excel in your school exam on must follow NCERT text Book and NCERT Solutions prepared by Physics Wallah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many chapters are there in class 11 botany?

Ans. The following chapters are in class 11 Botany –

  1. The Living World
  2. Plant Kingdom
  3. Morphology of Flowering Plants
  4. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
  5. Cell – the unit of life
  6. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
  7. Transport in plants
  8. Mineral Nutrition
  9. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
  10. Respiration in Plants
  11. Plant Growth and Development

Q2. How do you study class 11 botany?

Ans. Botany was an indeed boring subject for some students, but when a study that subject you feel it interesting about to study, the plant chapters and the morphology memorize the staff purely if you remember, you can expect to a direct question from that, the anatomy, photosynthesis, and respiration was also good, interesting and conceptual.

Read those chapters as a story and remember the main incidents and points, that's all once you study it is good, and regular review is a must for memory improvement. Learn and revise the scientific names and do not ignore it because it has good weightage in exams.

Q3. Where can I get all the notes of class 11 botany?

Ans. Although the Internet offers many options for everything these days, finding the right options is a tedious task. Physics Wallah, today the best online website with one of the best online classes for students, also offers class 11 botany review notes. These notes cover all the important topics, concepts, scientific names for students, and carefully prepared by Physics Wallah experts with years of experience. These notes are available to students as free PDF downloads for easy access by anyone.

Q4. Which is the best book for class 11 botany?

Ans. Class 11 is the ideal stage for building excellent conceptual clarity and paving the way for a bright future, and to achieve this you need to have the best books on hand and in this regard, I will recommend NCERT- books which are the best tool for a fresh start and along with that I advise you to online studies from Physics Wallah.

Q5. How to score good marks in class 11 botany?

Ans. Read all NCERT class 11 botany sections and concepts in detail, take notes, and use key questions, sample papers to get good scores provided by Physics Wallah experts. During the examination, try to write descriptive answers and present diagrams or graphical examples where possible. Please read the questionnaire carefully before answering.

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