Botany class 12th Notes

Class 12th Botany Notes & MCQ

NCERT Biology Textbook is highly recommended book for your final board as well as for NEET exam preparations. Always start from the first chapter of biology from the text book of NCERT, we have divided class 12 biology into two parts one is zoology and second is botany in this page we have uploaded all chapter of botany and theory part of these chapter will help you to prepared your Botany class 12th Notes. To excel in your school exam one must follow NCERT text Book and NCERT solutions prepared by Physics Wallah.

Botany Class 12 notes

Strategies for Botany class 12th Notes

Notes are very important for your biology subjects and additional information are added in each chapter of botany in this page to update your Botany class 12th Notes. Students can also access the Biology MCQ for NEET from here.

Chapters of Botany class 12th Notes

  1. Reproduction in Organism,Life span, comparison of life spans of various organisms, Sexual Reproduction in Plants.
  2. Important Chapter of class 12 botany are Double fertilization, Gametophyte development, Post fertilization changes, Embryo development, Perisperm.
  3. Principle of Inheritance & Variation Mendelian genetics, Monohybrid crosses, Incomplete dominance, Co-dominance, Dihydric cross, Linkage & Recombination, Mendelian disorders. Having more weightage compared to other chapters.
  4. Molecular basis of Inheritance, Structure of DNA, DNA Packaging, Replication, Transcription and Translation, DNA fingerprinting, Strategies for enhancement in food production names of enzymes of the various processes Ecology.

Deatil theory of Botany class 12th Notes

  1. Organism & Population – Population attributes, factors affecting Biotic & Abiotic
  2. Ecosystem – Ecological Pyramids
  3. Biodiversity – Patterns of Biodiversity, Biodiversity conservation
  4. Environmental Issues – Types of pollution, Bio-magnification Eutrophication.

Botany required very good notes for your class 12th as well as for NEET entrance exam. Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared a revision notes for Biology for all medical entrance exam as well as very usefull for CBSE board exam, it consists of all important pointers which is required to be known. Revise your class 12th Botany with Physics Wallah class 12 biology notes .

If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Biology class 12 MCQ.

How to make good Notes in Botany class 12th

Biology is subject of information’s and understanding the function of living organism. Two most important think which is required to become expert in Botany class 12 are good quality of notes and diagram to understand and memories the concept used in the chapter.

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared a detail in depth botany notes for class 12 students which consist of detail theory of all chapters of botany which is required for CBSE board as well as NEET entrance exam each chapter of botany class 12th consists of not only detail theory but also exercise having objective question from 100 to 300 depending on the difficulty level of chapter.

Good note in class 12 botany can help you a lot in all exam of your school as well as NEET. For good Botany class 12 notes. just follow few steps like

  1. Read the chapter from NCERT text book, make sure your have note down all important bullet points from NCERT textbook to your notes book, solve all exercise of NCERT text book you can take help form NCERT solution of class 12 Biology prepared by an academic team of Physics Wallah.
  2. Afer reading the NCERT text book attend your school or coaching lecture try to note down all important points and add in your main note books .
  3. Read additional theory from any reference book and Physics Wallah theory of the chapter and again add important points to your note book , this way you are going to add points in third round to your note book, this way the quality of your notes enhanced a lot .
  4. Solve the objective questions given in Physics Wallah exercise and try to add new thinks in your notes.
  5. Always make a good diagram and write down all important points in the diagram this will help you to improve your memories.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How class 12 botany notes are important?

Ans. Botany is essential and the main subject for students preparing for medical entrance exams, including AIIMS, NEET, etc. Students who wish to excel on exam boards require a thorough knowledge and understanding of this topic. Therefore, the notes for CBSE class 12 botany students help prepare for exams.

The 12th-grade assessment notes contain all the important questions, points for the exam, but students always forget to study them otherwise they would have lost them during their studies. These notes cover important topics and chapters within the sort of questions and answers to assist students to learn better. These evaluation notes will help you evaluate each major topic in the program. These notes are good thanks to seeing and challenge yourself once you finish your studies.

Q2. Where can I get all the botanical notes of class 12?

Ans. While the internet offers many options for everything nowadays, finding the correct options may be a tedious task Physics Wallah, the most effective online website today with one of the best online lectures for students, also offers notes on botany 12. These notes cover all the important topics, concepts, scientific names for students and are carefully prepared by Physics Wallah experts with years of experience. These notes are available to students as free PDF for simple reference for all.

Q3. Which is the best botany book in class 12?

Ans. Class 12 is that the ideal stage to make excellent conceptual clarity and pave the way for a bright future, and to realize this you wish to own the simplest books there and during this regard, I will recommend NCERT books which be the best tool for a fresh start and I also recommend you do online studies on Physics Wallah.

Q4. How many chapters are available in class 12 botany?

Ans. Total 8 chapters are available in class 12 botany-

  1. Reproduction in Organisms
  2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  3. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  4. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
  5. Biotechnology and its Applications
  6. Organisms and Populations
  7. Ecosystem
  8. Environmental Issues

Q5. How can you make good notes in botany class 12?

Ans. Biology is the subject of information and understanding of the function of living organisms. Good grade 12 botany notes can help you a lot in all your school and NEET exams. Then follow these steps to take notes:

  • Read the chapters of the NCERT book, making sure you have noted all the important points from the NCERT textbook in your notebook. Solve all the exercises in the NCERT textbook.
  • After reading the NCERT manual, go to your school or coaching notes, try to write down all the important points, and include in your master notebook.
  • Solve the objective questions of the Physics Wallah exercise and try adding new things to your notes.
  • Always create a good diagram and write down all the important points in the diagram, this will help you improve your memory.

Q6. How can you get good marks in class 12 botany?

Ans. Read in detail all sections and concepts of NCERT botany class 12, take notes and use key questions, samples of documents to get good scores, provided by Physics Wallah experts. During the exam, try to write expressive answers and diagrams or graphic examples where possible. Please read the questionnaire carefully before answering.

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